Friday, 29 April 2016

Win a FREE Battle-Demi Company: List of Entrants (Please Check!)

My competition to win a FREE Space Marine Battle Demi-Company is coming to an end in just over a week (7th May 2016). Thanks to everyone for the amazing response to the competition, it was way more than I was expecting! If you haven't entered yet, there is still time! Follow the link here and follow the instructions to enter the competition.
Below is a list of the current entrants for the competition. If you have entered, please check below to make sure that you are on the list.

NOTE: There were quite a few entrants that entered under "Unknown" so could not be entered into the competition. If you think you are one of these entrants, please check and enter using your Blogger follower ID to be entered.
Also, if your Blogger Follower ID does not match your name in the comments section of the competition, please let me know so you that can be entered properly. If you think there has been an error and your name should appear below, please LET ME KNOW.
REMEMBER: In order to enter the competition, you need to add yourself as a follower to the blog and leave a comment on the competition post saying what your favourite 40k army is.
The current list of entrants are:
  1. Iosefward (Joseph Ward)
  2. Nick Thrower
  3. Alun Heseltine
  4. Fireshade18
  5. Andrew Sharonov (Андрей Шаронов)
  6. Rob Hill
  7. Andre Raich
  8. Sebbl
  9. Eric Danielsson
  10. Gene Perkins
  11. Cole Watkins
  12. jpcrow (Josh Crow)
  13. Brochtree
  14. Hunter Robinson
  15. Timothy Morrisson
  16. Graham Irvine
  17. Mr. E
  18. Drew Heller
  19. D33tly
  20. Rick Derbyshire
  21. NafNaf
  22. Leroy Grant
  23. Gustavo Termant
  24. Royce Labadie (Royce L)
  25. Lucas Calder
  26. Renaud Robitaille
  27. Patrick Winter
  28. Sahil Hundal
  29. Lightning Slayer
  30. Matt Calow
  31. Lazy Pictures
  32. Kasey Giltenboth
  33. Matija Mutic
  34. Warhammer 39999
  35. Andrew Hyatt
  36. Joe Davey
  37. Austin (Austin Aggie)
  38. Andrew Bird
  39. Siph_Horridus
  40. Michael Durbin
  41. Christopher J
  42. Herr Zinling
  43. Paw Jac
  44. Ando (Ando Beer)
  45. Tomasz Racynski
  46. Paul Rugg
  47. Dave Weston
  48. Toonboy78
  49. Pablo Daniele Mura
  50. albp
  51. Chris Deuell
  52. James Reid
  53. Riley Mate (SplatmanFTW)
  54. Chris Easton (redeaston)
  55. Csaba Szoke Torok
As I said above, if your name does not appear and you think that it should, please double check that you are not one of the "Unknowns" that entered or that your Follower name matches your posting name (if it does not, let me know who you are!). I will try to fix any mistakes if you let me know before the 7th May and will post a final list of entrants before I pick the winner.
The following people wrote a comment with their favourite army, but I could not find them in the followers list, so they are not yet entered in the competition. If you are a follower and your name is below, please let me know under which name you follow the blog:
  1. Jonathan Hill
  2. Brad Baker
  3. Brusilov
  4. Wildmoon
  5. Michael Fillion
  6. Alphonse B
  7. Andrea Imparato
  8. Evilpenguin 420
  9. Elija Stader
  10. RommellDrako
  11. Evan Daniel Marks
  12. A Rabbit says Grrrrr
  13. Joe Straub
  14. Chris McK
  15. Samkyriacou
  16. n_welp
  17. White Game Wolf
  18. Ash Ridley
  19. Kenshu
  20. Herigonz
  21. Brendan Dal
  22. Thomas Lai
Good luck to all those entered!


  1. Not sure why I hadn't joined in and it just felt rude not to so I just added a comment.

  2. You appear to have me listed as an entrant Mike. I think you mean WINNER ;)

    1. Bribes will be accepted Rob! However, the bribe amount will substantially exceed the amount required to buy the miniatures anyway, so it may not be worth it ;)

  3. You should be able to see me among the followers now!