Sunday 17 April 2016

Hobby Sunday 17/04/16- White Scars Librarian and Bases

For this week's hobby Sunday, I have been focusing on finishing my White Scars force for an upcoming tournament. I needed to make a White Scars Librarian to lead my force. I based this model on my Ravenwing Librarian, using the Librarian from the Dark Vengeance set and a Ravenwing Black Knight bike.
I started off by filing off the Dark Angels iconography from the bike and the biker's legs. I used the legs with the robes to match the Librarian.

I then cut the Librarian's torso in half to fit to the bike.

The biker was then assembled. This time round, I removed the sword from the Librarian and had him steering the bike. This would make the two Librarians slightly different if I wanted to use them together.

I also decided to do something about the bases for my White Scars army. As we all know, bases can make a big difference to an army. For my White Scars, I was trying to finish them quickly for a tournament and simply painted them green and added some green static grass to them. This was serviceable, but not really impressive.

I decided to so something about the bases for my White Scars for an upcoming tournament. I decided to do go with something different to my normal armies and use some brown flock and static grasses to do my bases, similar to the GW studio White Scars army.

Before starting on the army I did a test bike base. I painted the base with Steel Legion Drab and added some brown flock I purchased off ebay after letting the paint dry.

I left the flock to dry, then added patches of static grass. I also decided to add some patches of self-adhesive static grass that I also purchased off of ebay (the darker coloured ones).

Overall, I was quite pleased with how they turned out. I am planning to take my bikes off of their current bases and glue them to the new, brown bases.

While I was on a roll, I removed by Scouts from their old bases and glued them on new ones. I then followed the same technique as described above to re-do the bases on them.

For my Centurions, I didn't have any bases to replace with them. I scraped off the flock with a sharp knife and re-painted the bases brown. I will add the flock and static grass to them once again.

While I was on a roll, I started re-basing my bikers too.




Call me biased, but I think they look a lot better with the new bases. I will try and get decent pictures of the full force once it is completed.

I also got started on my Scout bikers for the upcoming tournament. These were undercoated in white, then I started on the armour of the bikers as I have painted them previously.

I will need to finish the Librarian, the Scout bikers and the new bases for the end of April, which should be achievable.


  1. I love the Librarian; can I steal that idea for my Ravenwing army ;-)

  2. Looking good buddy, I've used a couple of those robed biker torsos myself for my warlord and chaplain models.

  3. Nice! Mixed basing of some sort really kicks things up a notch. Even a relatively simple mix of a couple of things is way better than a single flock/grass powder/sand/whatever.

    I did a similar Biker Librarian conversion. Might have mentioned that when you did the DA one. Nice handy option to have.

    I probably just would have scraped and re-done the existing bases, like you did with the Centurions, instead of breaking them all off. Unless you based with sand or something, it's usually pretty easy, and significantly cheaper, given what GW wants for Bases these days.

    1. I thought it would be a paint to scrape off all the flock from the bike bases, so I had already ordered them before I tried it on the Centurions. Turns out it wasn't too bad and I was able to get the rest of the army done over the weekend.

  4. The bases look good, certainly make the white stand out more.

    1. I thought that the contrast between the white of the marines and the dark base looked better than before.

  5. Much better bases, great stuff.

  6. good idea with the librarian. mine is similar but i used an old metal one with an axe.

    i am deciding whether to update my bases. do i go for 32mm on all my marines....200+ i may get the resin rock bases. i can paint them in one hit and put my marines on them.

    a question not related to this post but your battle posts. at the weekend i played a game using my white scars. i would like to do a battle report similar to your. i found the battle chronicler software. is this what you use? and how do you use a standard terrain pack?

    1. Fortunately my White Scars collection was not so sizeable to make the task too daunting. I actually really like the marines on 32 mm bases, they look good. I don't like them enough to redo my entire collection, but they are nice.

      As for the reports, I do use Battle Chronicler. I'm not sure what you mean by using a standard terrain pack though? If you want, drop me an email at and I can try to answer any questions you may have.

  7. Nice job with the bases - changing to the brown flock really brings the eye to the model.

    1. Cheers! It has been a long time coming as the previous ones were just far too basic.