Monday, 22 February 2016

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 4, Battle Phase 2 Results

The results for turn 4, battle phase 2 are in. The map now looks like this:

The forces of the Grey Knights and Mechanicus clashed on the outskirts of their territories. The forces of Mars emerged victorious to claim the territory (Raymond and Adam fought one another, with Raymond's Mechanicus winning the game to steal a tile from the Grey Knights).
The Dark Eldar launched an assault on the Dark Angels foolish enough to set up camp near their expanding empire, defeating the impudent Astartes and expanding their territory. With the taste of victory in their throats, they launched an attack on the Mechanicus forces to the East, but were narrowly defeated and had to retreat to lick their wounds. (James' Dark Eldar attacked Colin's territory to the south, beating them and capturing the tile. He then fought Steve's Mechanicus army, but was defeated and Steve was able to capture his new tile).
The forces of Chaos continued their advance into new territory. Their previous forays into far off territory had not yielded many results, so they took solace in sowing carnage in the nearby towns. (Iain managed to capture his adjacent tile after selling weeks of launching daring raids at the other player's territories).
The Tau launched an incursion into the Chaos held lands to the East, but were beaten back in their assault by the daemonic hordes. (Yans attacked Thomas' territory, but was defeated and unable to steal his tile).
The Eldar continued their subterfuge, slowly gathering more territory and expanding their empire. (Armel won his game and captured more territory for his alliance).
The Orks assaulted the power plant held by the planetary defence forces of the Kharysian sector, but the Guardsmen were able to repel the Ork attack, though at significant cost. (Seb attacked my power plant as detailed in my battle report, but I was able to win the game and keep my building).
The Tau launched an attack on a small town that they had set their eyes on. The staunch garrison of Imperial Guard were not willing to let this town fall to the enemies of the Emperor and had dug in: their deployment zone consisted of an Aegis line alongside two Vengeance weapon batteries; A battle cannon and a Gatling. Almost the entire force were garrisoned in buildings. The Imperial Guard company also had back up from a small retinue of Dark Angels; A Librarian who pledged himself to the Veterans, and a band of Scouts with Sniper rifles. The Guard also had heavy support from a Praetor Armoured Assault launcher, the blade which really dug deep into the Tau army.

The battle was won by the Tau, but they had been dealt a heavy blow by the Guardsmen as the army was almost wiped out by the conflict. However, the greater good had been served and the Tau were able to capture the required territory. (Shaun and Adam's forces clashed with the Tau emerging victorious. Thanks to Adam for the battle description and photos).

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