Monday, 1 February 2016

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 4, Battle Phase 1 results

The results are in, the first battle phase of 2016 in the Medusa IV map campaign has come to a close. The map now looks like this:

The forces of Chaos clashed with the loyalist White Scars on two separate fronts. The first was fought to a stalemate, neither side giving up any ground despite heavy losses. The second battle was more favourable for the Sons of Khan, granting them more territory in their vast empire (Iain and Thomas both attacked Allan's territory, while Allan attacked Iain's base. The draw against Iain and Allan was a draw, while Allan managed to secure victory against Thomas' army).


The Orks continued their rampage south, an all walker army belching smoke and leaking oil as it attacked the Dark Eldar outpost. In a hard fought contest, the Orks emerged victorious by the skin of their teef (Seb and James clashed in last week's battle report, with Seb emerging the winner in the end).

The Tau empire to the north continued to make in roads for the Greater Good, securing further territory in the region (Shaun won his game to capture more territory).
The forces of the Mechanium were aided by their Skitarri allies in fighting off a greenskin incursion to their territory, pushing themselves harder to finish their important work without the interruptions of battle. (Steve's Mechanium army managed to win against a rival Ork warband and claim their tile this turn).

The Eldar launched a lightning raid on the outskirts of the Guard stronghold in the centre of the map, easily defeating the light outpost arrayed before them. The retreating guardsmen met the Ork tide advancing from the west and were wiped out without mercy. (Armel took on Adam's Astra Militarum army. A crushing victory for Armel allowed him to capture the unengaged tile, despite the nearby presence of the Astra Militarum shield generator. Adam then fought Seb's Orks, but was once again defeated).

The warbikers bide their time to pounce.


"Let's just bring the building down Boyz...."

With war raging rampant in the sector, many of the alliances called in for re-enforcements. Their requests were answered and new forces were brought in to help the fight for dominance. (Three players joined the campaign this turn after I put the call out to the club. Josh's Sons of Horus once again returned to the Kharysian sector, this time allying with the Great Waaagh to secure victory. The Defenders of the Light were joined by Yans' Tau, no doubt from a rival fraction eager to stem the tide of victories Shaun's Tau were amassing. Finally, The Emperor's Wrath were bolstered by a fresh wave of Mechanicus forces as Raymond sought to investigate what his brethren to the south-east were unearthing). 


  1. Look at those lovely table mats...

    Shame about the buildings not being painted (yet ;) )

    1. The gaming mats have made a huge difference to the games, much easier to move stuff round and roll dice on them. A real win!

      You could always do a club night, where no one plays and everyone helps get stuff painted (alternatively, give them to me and I'll get them painted up! Just need money for paint, beer and snacks ;) ).

  2. I love those warbikes hiding like that. That's exactly how I'd hide my bikes!

    1. I assumed it was a dead pile when I went to the table. I was very surprised when they were assaulting in the following turns!