Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hero for a Day- Charity Gaming Event

You may have noticed a small change to the top right of the blog. There is now an advert for "Hero for a Day"- a 24 hour charity gaming event.
This is a charity event being run by Nick from The Burning Eye in aid of the Childhood Cancer and Leukemia Group (CCLG). This looks to be a very interesting event. less of a normal tournament and more of a "campaign day" (in my words) that will see each battle having a direct effect on the battles that come after it.
I hope that the event is a huge success and I hope to be able to attend myself. If you want any more information, check out the page on Nick's blog here.
If you are not able to attend, but still want to support the cause, you can donate here. It is a great cause to support and I know that many other people (and fellow bloggers) have already been in touch with Nick to offer painted raffle prizes and other such goods. Check out his page for full details. 


  1. Chucks that's really frustrating. I can't make it because that's the day I go away on holiday :( gutting. It's in my own backyard!

  2. Absolutely be great if you make it down Mike! Who would you be bringing if you do?

    1. Probably my Ravenwing. I might try and get the train down rather than driving, so I can fit my full army in one case.