Friday 6 November 2015

Blog Wars Bound and 500 comments!

This morning I am setting off to Stockport with my Ravenwing to attend Blog Wars X (run by Alex at From the Fang).
Good luck to everyone heading there. If you read my blog and are going to blog wars, please stop by and say hello, always nice to meet people at tournaments and put a face to the name.

Also, in another arbitrary milestone, this morning I hit my 500th comment on the blog! I promise, only a small fraction are spambots (and only about half of them are my replies)! Thanks to everyone who contributes to the comments, it makes a difference to know that people are interested in what I am posting and really helps keep me motivated to posting regularly. 


  1. Good luck for the tournie mate, hope it goes well!

  2. Ben and Otty should be there this evening - green nids and grey armored Orks [although you played Ben last time anyways]. I should be arriving around six so if your in the NWGC tonight say hi.

  3. Best of luck! Wish I could be there, but not this time.