Sunday 29 November 2015

Hobby Costs- October 2015

As part of my ongoing look at my hobby costs for the year, here are October's numbers:
  • -£11.30 Sold Landspeeder (ebay)
  • -£8.80 Sold Landspeeder (ebay)
  • -£12.80 Sold Chimera (ebay)
  • -£5.36 Sold Catachans (ebay)
  • -£11.70 Sold Chaplain and bikers
  • -£19.47 Sold Commissar and Tactical marines
  • -£5.70 Sold Scouts
  • -£5.50 Sold Attack bike
  • £28.00 Large carry case (ebay)
  • £53.00 White Scars cards and War zone Damocles: Kauyon
  • £16.80 Ebay postage costs
Totals for October = £17.17
Running Total = £930
Damn you GW! I was doing so well this month until I read the new rules for the White Scars in the War zone Damocles: Kauyon expansion and picked up the book and the White Scars datacards to go with them. Really looking forward to trying out the new formations and Relics when it arrives. I also managed to find a cheap large carry case on ebay for transporting my Ravenwing in one case.
I managed to sell a lot of stuff on ebay in October which helped to pay for the new stuff that I purchased. 


  1. i did this a few years ago with my stuff. i was getting to the point of randomly buying stuff and i wanted to control it a lot more. i don't keep track of paints and brushes, but i do for tournament costs (but not travel/hotels, just entry fee)

    what i have done is now set myself a monthly budget (reviewed each year) i keep track of my purchases that way.

    generally i am on track. i am £13 over my allocated budget since 2008...

    my next idea is to allow my painting to release funds to spend. 25mm model - £2, rhino -£5 etc.

    1. I wasn't really looking at controlling how much I spend (though this has come about as a consequence of keeping track), but to get a rough idea of what I was spending on hobby in a year. I don't really have a set budget each month, it just varies. Generally if I sell more on ebay, I will purchase more stuff in the month. New codices or books are a big cost factor in a year too.

      I don't think this is representative of every year as I have been quite active in hobbying since starting the blog, getting a new army, attending more tournaments, etc. I'll be interested to see how next year compares to this year.

      I've seen a few people use the reward type system, giving them cash to spend for each unit/model painted. I've never thought of trying this, I don't think it would suit my style of painting. I tend to get in the zone and do a bunch of stuff at once, then do nothing for months on end.