Monday 23 November 2015

Blog Wars X- Armies on Display

Hi everyone, here are some of the photos of the armies on display at Blog Wars X.
First up we have some of the entrants for best army.

Here we have Chris Otterburn's amazing Tyranids that took the best army prize.


Next up, we have the entrants for best conversions.

The winner was Liam Ainscough with his amazing Chaos Space Marines. I really like the "slug" Chaos Spawn and the amazing Helldrake/Hellfly conversions.

Finally, we have the entrants for best Character.

Rob Hill's Lemartes

The winner was Ben Houghton with his Ghazghkull.

For many more photos of the fantastic armies and models at the event, check out:


  1. Lovely looking armies. The hellfly looks great. Don't even want to know the amount of work/parts went into making it!