"How to" Tutorials

This page collects some of the various modelling and painting tutorials that I have made on the blog.
This guide shows you how to use Blu-tac to quickly and easily paint an Astra Militarum tank with a camo pattern. No airbrush required.
This guide shows you how to magnetise the Dark Angels Ravenwing Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter, allowing you to use both options in your games.
This guide shows you how to magnetise the different weapon options for the Stormhawk Interceptor.
 Magnetising the Imperial Knight
This guide shows you how to magnetise the Imperial Knight to allow for all the weapons options on the kit.

How to Use Battle Chronicler
This is a guide on how to use the program that I use to generate the maps for my battle reports.

Part 1- The Basics
Part 2- Importing your own terrain

How to Paint Genestealer Cult Acolytes

How to Magnetise the Goliath Truck/Goliath Rockgrinder


  1. I need to know how you made that sweet hex map with icons.

    1. If you are talking about the campaign hex map, I'm afraid I didn't make it. I found the hex map online and used it for my campaign.