Wednesday 29 April 2020

Hobby Update 29/04/20- Deathwatch Primaris Aggressors

I actually managed to get some painting done over the weekend. With the new Deathwatch rules being released in White Dwarf, I figured I would take a look at my Deathwatch Primaris units once more. 
I will be putting together some of my thoughts on the new Deathwatch rules, but still haven't been able to get a copy of the White Dwarf yet (yes, I know there are leaks online, but I prefer to have it in hand). 

First up was a unit of Aggressors. I had built these guys over Christmas, but was waiting to see what Chapter I would add them to. The Psychic Awakening rules for Dark Angels were a bit lacklustre for me (so much so that I haven't picked up the book yet), so I decided they would be added to my Deathwatch as part of my expanded Primaris Kill Teams. 

I managed to get this squad painted up on Saturday, so these three warriors are ready to be added to the Deathwatch forces, when I can next get a game in.