Friday, 1 May 2020

Hobby Update 01/05/20- Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters

Today's hobby update features a unit of Hellblasters for my Deathwatch army. I've had these sitting for a while, waiting to get painted up, so I took the opportunity at the weekend when I was painting up my other units. 

I don't think they'll see too many games, as they are simply too expensive to field at the moment. I might give them a go in a mixed kill team to see how they fare. 


  1. Nice additions, I look forward to seeing them Battle once again.

  2. I still get caned by these guys in games against my mates. As much as I love plasma, I don't think I will ever pick them up. Thanks for letting me live vicariously :-)

    1. I think they are a solid unit, just too expensive to field that often. They do work well in Deathwatch though, where they can go in squads of Intercessors, as well as being able to deep strike into rapid fire range.