Wednesday 22 April 2020

Hobby Update 22/04/20- Sector Imperialis Ruins built

Continuing the hobby progress, I decided to build some Sector Imperialis that have been lying around for a while. 

I have a number of buildings built and based for my cityfight board, and thought I would add a few more to the collection. 

I build a large L-shaped ruin to go with another one in my collection. I wanted to have two such pieces to emulate the "Nova L" type terrain that is common in tournaments. I chose to cut off all the spiked sections on the top railings this time, as I was sick of stabbing myself with them during my games. 

I also added some plastic card to the ground floor windows to block line of sight, as per ITC terrain rules. 

With the large L-section done, I decided to build some smaller pieces to function as scatter terrain in my games. 

I also put together a small bunker or storage unit to provide some cover. 

With the ruins built, I will need to wait to get some wood to base them, then add some rubble and undercoat them. I was thinking about painting them up to match my brown terrain battle mat, rather than the city one. I'll decide on that once I get them based up. 


  1. Cor! How many boxes was that in total?

    1. I'm not sure. It was part of a collection I got off ebay ages ago. They did seem to have a lot of the wide door tiles in the set. I've still got the manufactorium parts to build up after I source some more glue!

  2. Excellent use of Lockdown time. Getting some terrain projects done. I have an Imperial Sector Box Set yet to do... but deployed to London so surviving on other people’s hobby progress, just scheduled posts for me, no new hobbying :(

    1. I'm still working at the moment too, hope you are staying safe! The hobby is a great way to wind down. Been working on some new Deathwatch units to try out with the new WD rules.