Sunday 23 October 2016

Hobby Sunday 22/10/16- Deathwatch Veteran Marines

This is my first Hobby Sunday post in around 7 weeks as I have been busy with moving house, writing codex reviews and waiting on new models to arrive. Well, last week my Deathwatch delivery finally arrived and I was able to spend some of this weekend getting a start on some of the models. 

For my army, I now have:
  • Watch Master
  • 4 Units of Veterans
  • Vanguard Veterans
  • A unit of Bikers
  • Corvus Blackstar

This weekend, I decided to build the Veteran marines squads. After poring over the codex, I decided to build four different squads with the boxed sets. 

The first unit will be armed with four of the Deathwatch Frag Cannon. These are incredibly powerful heavy weapons that are actually assault weapons, so can be fired on the move. I decided to add a Storm Shield to the unit to give them some protection. This unit will probably go in a Drop Pod, which I still have to get. 

The second unit contains four of the Stalker pattern boltguns. These are long range, heavy 2 Sniper bolters. This unit will make great deployment zone objective holders. 

The third unit contains an Infernus Heavy Bolter, essentially an assault Heavy Bolter with attached Heavy Flamer. The Squad Leader will have a Xenophase Blade for some combat punch. This unit will go in another drop pod or in a Rhino. 

The final unit is my combat unit. This contains a Blackshield with a Power Sword, two heavy Thunder Hammers and two with a Storm Shield and Power Weapon. This unit will most likely be joined by the Watch Master and will go in the Corvus Blackstar. 

The following weeks I intend to build the other models that I have and get started on the painting if the weather allows me to undercoat them. 


  1. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing them painted.

  2. Nice force, maybe the stalker boltgun poses need some variation, can you convert a 'normal bolter' two handed pose? They are all one handed and sticking out? Look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Yeah, I was a little disappointed with the lack of variety for certain weapon options. Unfortunately, I don't have my bits box with me yet, so was stuck with what was on the sprue. There are not two-handed bolter options on the sprue.

      I think in time I will probably replace them with a bit more variety.

  3. I love these models so much, I wish I had the time to paint some :-) Best wishes, I look forward to seeing how they look when they are finished.

    1. Cheers Marc. Think I'll try and lavish a bit more time to paint these as it will be a relatively small elite army.

  4. Ah I wish I just had a pile of bits from these sprues to play around with! Looking great Mike, really interesting to see how you get along in games with these guys as well.