Wednesday 12 October 2016

Guest Posts Wanted!

It was recently suggested that I could improve the blog by getting some guest posts from different writers. Some new voices on the blog would be a great opportunity for some varied opinions of different aspects of the game.

I have already posted a couple of Guest Posts so far:
  • Innes Wilson posted a great editorial on competitive 40k and his thoughts on list building and tournament play. 
  • Chris Rhodes posted a very nice introduction to Infinity, a game I have seen a lot online, but knew virtually nothing about until his article. 

So the call is out there- do you have something you want to say about 40k (or any other gaming system you are passionate about). If so, get in touch with your ideas and I'm sure we can work something out (you can email me at 

I think that this would be perfect for any readers out there that don't have their own blog, but would like to write the occasional article on their thoughts on 40k when a certain issue arises or a new unit is released. Of course, if you already have your own blog but want to try something different, you are more than welcome to get in touch too.  

It doesn't have to be an extensive article either. Do you have a great looking army, awesome conversion or great piece of terrain that you are working on and would like to showcase? Get in touch. 
I can't promise you fame and fortune, but I do have a decent sized and enthusiastic audience always willing to read and comment. 


  1. Gee, Michael. What are we going to do tonight?
    The same thing we do every night, Dave. Try to take over the world.


    1. The world?!? Pfft, you think too small fry Mr Weston. Universal domination is where it is at!

  2. Hey there. Big fan of your blog. I'm pet of the 1-plus armour group up here in ottawa. I'm fairly new to the hobby so my content so far is batreps (videos) as well as our ongoing how to play series and my new VLOG following the trials and tribulations of an amateur hobbyist. If interested in collaborating to add a new player spin to your blog let me know!

    1. Sounds good. Drop me an email to discuss what you have in mind.