Tuesday 10 May 2016

Battle Demi-Company Competition Winner

My competition to win a free Battle Demi-Company ended on Saturday. From the month of the competition, I got an amazing 55 entrants to try and win the models.
These entrants were:
  1. Iosefward (Joseph Ward)
  2. Nick Thrower
  3. Alun Heseltine
  4. Fireshade18
  5. Andrew Sharonov (Андрей Шаронов)
  6. Rob Hill
  7. Andre Raich
  8. Sebbl
  9. Eric Danielsson
  10. Gene Perkins
  11. Cole Watkins
  12. jpcrow (Josh Crow)
  13. Brochtree
  14. Hunter Robinson
  15. Timothy Morrisson
  16. Graham Irvine
  17. Mr. E
  18. Drew Heller
  19. D33tly
  20. Rick Derbyshire
  21. NafNaf
  22. Leroy Grant
  23. Gustavo Termant
  24. Royce Labadie (Royce L)
  25. Lucas Calder
  26. Renaud Robitaille
  27. Patrick Winter
  28. Sahil Hundal
  29. Lightning Slayer
  30. Matt Calow
  31. Lazy Pictures
  32. Kasey Giltenboth
  33. Matija Mutic
  34. Warhammer 39999
  35. Andrew Hyatt
  36. Joe Davey
  37. Austin (Austin Aggie)
  38. Andrew Bird
  39. Siph_Horridus
  40. Michael Durbin
  41. Christopher J
  42. Herr Zinling
  43. Paw Jac
  44. Ando (Ando Beer)
  45. Tomasz Racynski
  46. Paul Rugg
  47. Dave Weston
  48. Toonboy78
  49. Pablo Daniele Mura
  50. albp
  51. Chris Deuell
  52. James Reid
  53. Riley Mate (SplatmanFTW)
  54. Chris Easton (redeaston)
  55. Csaba Szoke Torok
I used a random number generator to choose the winner, and the winning entry was Number 51, Chris Deuell. If Chris could please get in touch with me using his Follower ID (so that I can verify it is him), I can arrange where to send the prize.

For those of you who don't trust me (I am pretty shifty looking), I made a video of my choosing the number. You can watch it to check out the result or just to hear my sultry Scottish tones.
As for the favourite armies, I took a list of the entry results. Unsurprisingly, for a competition to win a Space Marine Battle Demi-Company, Space Marines were the most popular answer, with 39 of the 76 comments favouring the Adeptus Astartes. In fact, our competition winner chose the Dark Angels as his favourite army (obviously a man of taste!).
As for the breakdown of the rest of the armies (and Space Marine Chapters), see the charts below.

Thanks to everyone who entered the completion. I had 29 followers before the competition started, which has now ballooned to 95 in just a month. Hopefully some of you new followers will like what you see on the blog and stick around. New readers and commenters are always welcome.


  1. Congrats to the winner, and thanks Corrm for running the competition!

    Rats, going to have to spend my own money now!

  2. Oh my Mike, I had forgotten how sultry your tone is indeed...

    Congrats to the winner and kudos for giving such a cool prize away Mike! Its testament to the size of your collection I feel!

  3. Thanks for the competition dude!
    And congrats to the winner...damn just two number more than my ticket ;)

  4. Congratulations Chris! And thanks for running such a cool giveaway Mike! I'm sure it was a 2 that came out of that number generator though!

    1. I thought about giving you the prize Nick, but there weren't enough bikes in it! Don't want you going backwards now that you have seen the light.....one of us, one of us, one of us.....

  5. Congrats Chris. Thanks for such a generous competition dude. Sad I didnt win but at least that is a lot less models I don't have to paint :D

  6. Congrats on the win! Quite a good army on the table, and will be great to see chris paint them all up...that's right chris, you better be painting them up and posting!

    1. Hear, Hear! Hopefully I can convince him to send me some photos and comments.