Wednesday 30 March 2016

Confessions Adsense Entry 2- Facing the Horde

Yesterday, I posted my quick guide on how to construct one of the 40k Towers, the template of which is available for free over at Confessions of a 40k addict. The tower was quick and easy to put together, taking less than 48 hours to fully assemble and paint.
When I was planning the tower, I had in my mind an image of a squad of stoic guardsmen defending the tower from a rampaging horde of Orks. With the tower complete, I decided to set up my Guard and Orks for a little photoshoot.
My previous entry for the Confessions of a 40k addict AdSense competition was "Top Gun". This one is "Facing the Horde".
A stalwart unit of Imperial Guardsmen try to hold out against impossible odds with only the protection of their tower to keep them safe. One guardsman lies injured, tended to by a medic as the Commissar tries to keep the squad in order. The comms man is stationed at the top of the tower, desperately trying to call in reinforcements from his elevated position.

Plus a few more photos.



  1. Very cool Mike! As an added bonus, the blue of your Orks make them pop against the green background which looks great.

    1. Cheers Rob, hopefully many people agree and I can win the Knight!