Wednesday 2 March 2016

Old Stuff Day- Blogging Necromancy

I saw this post from Confessions of a 40k addict pop up last week in my blogroll and was intrigued as to what it alluded to. After checking it out, I found out that March 2nd is Old Stuff Day- a holiday started at Warhammer 39999 (another great blog you should check out) where you get to highlight some of your older content that perhaps you felt did not get much attention first time round.
Now, as the blog is soon coming up to its first year birthday (Yay!), it might be a bit cheeky to highlight some of my older work as "Old Stuff", but I thought I would join in anyway. I'll be checking out what other bloggers are posting tomorrow and hopefully sharing some links with you on more interesting, older content.

The first article that I wanted to highlight is one of my first editorials/opinion pieces that I wrote for the blog- Fondly Remembering White Dwarf. In this, I reminisce about the good, old days of GW's premier games magazine, listing some of my favourite articles from my substantial collection. I thought this article would be rather appropriate for Old Stuff Day.
The first issue I ever bought.
The second article I wanted to highlight was my very first battle report for the blog. If you are going to start something, you may as well start big- my first battle report for the blog was an Apocalypse game that I organised at the University of St Andrews gaming club.
The game was 11,000 points per side and was fought over 2 days. It is not as detailed as most of my battle reports, but I still think it is fairly detailed for an Apocalypse game and features some iconic moments that still stand out in my mind.  
Yes, that is a Phantom Titan in the middle of the battlefield.
I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into the (very recent) past. Feel free to link any of your own articles from Old Stuff Day in the comments below or if you have any other favourite articles, let me know. 


  1. I remember that battle report! One of my faves just for the sheer crazy amount of stuff on the board!

    1. Yeah, re-reading it has got me in the mood for getting another apocalypse game organised.

  2. Happy Old Sutff Day, reading the White Dwarf post is it not amusing that in our own publishing efforts we seem to be mirroring all those elements of White Dwarf that we found so appealing. Can't say I'm sad that the magazing no longer devotes 8 pages to listing where to buy GW products, I've got the internet for that. Miss Jeremy Vetocks articles though, he seemed like a genuine guy. I've a 'how to fix White Dwarf' post from before it went weekly, actually it predates the re-design that happened in the monthly edition prior to the redesign for the weekly plus monthly Visions! It's completely outdated but it definitely echoes a lot of your thoughts. Although I didn't quite review older editions and why they worked, because I spent 13 years on the wagon and never bought an issue but prior to that I got it every month.
    Now, must go and find me some of those 3rd Edition ruins

    1. Yeah, I've certainly tried to mimic the style of the old battle reports and even some of Mike Walker's article (though hardly as successful) in my own blog posts.

      I have a stack of the 3rd edition ruins to base up at the moment. I keep an eye out for them on ebay and pick a few more up every so often.