Tuesday 8 March 2016

Ork Army Showcase Part 2- Kult of Speed (Pic Heavy)

Welcome to part 2 of my Ork army showcase. Yesterday, I showed the foot slogging portions of my army, today I will look at the vehicles that are in the army.
As I said yesterday, my army is from the Deathskull lootas clan. I really like the contrast between the green of the Ork skin and the blue colour scheme of the clan. I think that this blue helps give the vehicles in the army some colour.
I have a small unit of warbikers, led by a Nob with a Power Claw. I only have three of these painted up at the moment, but have another 3 that have been waiting a while to get painted.

Next up, a Battlewagon for transporting some of my big mobs. I had another battlewagon with a Deff Rolla on it, but sold this a while back after the new rules for the Deff Rolla essentially neutered it.
These are my three looted warbuggies. As a Deathskulls army, I wanted some looted vehicles in the force. These three buggies are modified to include some imperial weaponry and vehicles. I normally use them as Scorchas in games (no need to roll to hit!).
One has been made from a landspeeder, with tracks and a gun added.

Another uses part of a Rhino chassis and Lascannon from a Space Marine Dreadnought.

The last is an Ork buggy, but features a rokkit pack made from Imperial tank accessories.

I have some trukks for use in my army to boost the large mobs or to give me the option to take a speed freeks army.

Two of the trukks feature components from an older style Rhino as the looted portions.

It wouldn't be a Deathskulls army without a Looted vehicle. This Leman Russ was converted to look suitably Orky and to give me some decent firepower in my games.

I also have some Killa Kans and a Deff Dread to back up the Boyz.

Finally, for the Ork who needs serious speed and Dakka, I have a Dakkajet for some (semi-accurate) firepower to add to the army.

So that is my Ork army. I have been playing them more often lately after a long break with the release of the 6th edition codex. I should hopefully be able to keep using them and trying out some different playstyles in the future. 


  1. Nice! I particularly love the landspeeder conversion. I don't see the deathskull paint scheme too often either, but I have to admit it does give them a nice otherworldy feel.

    1. Cheers Nick. The Landspeeder is one of my favourites in the army.

  2. I love the Ork buggy with the rocket launchers! Deathskulls have to be my favourite Ork faction and paint scheme. I have painted a few for a friend and had great fun with the blue spot colour; I get a bit tired of painting green all the time ;-)

  3. These guys are up there with your IG army as my favourites now Mike. These guys look absolutely cracking, the blue looks great and the conversions are top notch and very Orky!

    1. Cheers Rob. During 3rd-5th edition, Orks were my favourite army. Spent a lot of time on the painting and conversions as they were so much fun to play.

    2. And the best thing about painting Ork vehicles is you can be as messy as you like and it still suits them!

  4. Those are some nice lookin Kanz, and the Deff Dread is great as well. But I think the standout for me is that old biker towing your crazy lascannon turbolaser thing. Looks like your Death Skullz found their way to a galaxy far far away, and looted the Death Star.