Monday 3 August 2015

Hobby Cost July 2015

Hi everyone, as part of my ongoing look at my hobby costs each month, here are July's figures:
  • -£15.30 Sold Razorback (ebay)
  • -£11.30 Sold Scouts (ebay)
  • -£33.30 Sold End Times Archaon (ebay)
  • £8.40 ebay postage costs
  • £20.00 Dundee wargames yearly membership
  • £13.30 Chaplain on Bike (ebay)
  • £3.35 Bike bases (ebay)
  • £11.80 Landspeeder (ebay)
  • £40.30 Four Landspeeders (ebay)
  • £19.81 ebay charges
  • -£5.00 Sold combi-meltas (ebay)
  • -£3.00 Sold Dark Angels Reliquery (ebay)
  • -£4.00 Sold Ravenwing Corvus Hammers (ebay)
  • -£4.00 Sold Dark Angels power swords (ebay)
  • -£14.80 Sold Bastion (ebay)
  • -£2.99 Sold Techmarine torso (ebay)
  • -£8.15 Sold Landspeeder Storm (ebay)
  • -£2.99 Sold Dante incomplete (ebay)
  • -£6.00 Sold Combi-Grav guns (ebay)
  • -£5.00 Sold Combi-flamer guns (ebay)
  • -£5.00 Sold Combi-plasma guns (ebay)
  • £15.84 Ebay postage costs
Total for July- £11.97
Damn you Ravenwing! I wasn't planning to purchase much this month, but the new Dark Angels codex tempted me with some Ravenwing purchases. I picked up some Landspeeders to make up a Ravenwing support squadron. I have already used this in a game and it was a good purchase.

This month wasn't too bad as I actually managed to sell off a fair amount on ebay. I finally got my bits box organised and got rid of some items too. I am planning to re-sell two of the speeders that I bought (I only needed three of them), I just ran out of auctions this month to do it. Had I been able to, I probably would have broken even this month.

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