Saturday 15 August 2015

2015-2016 Hobby Season- Plans for the coming year

I have decided to join Dave over at Confessions of a 40k addict in his hobby season to do list for the coming year. This gives me a chance to plan out what I want to achieve for the coming year for my wargaming efforts and to give myself a big old seal of approval when I achieve it.
I hope to be seeing a lot of these in the coming year.
My goals for the upcoming year are:
1. Run a 40k campaign
I have been wanting to run a map-based 40k campaign for a while now and some players over at Dundee Wargames Club will hopefully be participating in a campaign that I have had in mind for a while now. I have run a couple of campaigns in the past, so hopefully this won't be too complex of a goal to achieve.

2. Attend more Tournaments
Since the start of the year I have been able to attend a couple of 40k tournaments (one at Dundee Wargames club, the other was Blog Wars run by Alex from From the Fang). These were the first tournaments that I had attended for over a decade at least and I really enjoyed the experience. I hope to attend a few more of these and will be keeping an eye out for any upcoming local events.
3. Paint my Stompa
I have had my Stompa for many years now and still haven't gotten around to painting it (an undercoat is the best I have been able to manage so far). I really need to get round to sorting this out. Speaking of which......
4. Play more games with my Orks
My Ork army has not seen the table in a long time. I was disappointed with the new codex, played a few games and was no longer feeling the love for the greenskins. I need to get them back on the table as they are an army that I put a lot of effort into and want to bring them back.
5. Try a new game
I wouldn't mind trying a new wargame in the next year. I generally stick to 40k, but wouldn't mind trying something new. I've heard good things about X-wing, which is played at the club, along with Warmachine and Infinity. I also want to try out Kings of War (need something to use my fantasy army for).
6. Vampire Counts army
I would also like to finish my Vampire Counts army. With the state of fantasy at the moment, I don't have many intentions to buy more stuff for my Vampire Counts army, so this would be the perfect opportunity to get them completed (imagine that, an actual complete army!).
7. Meltagun Veterans
I have been meaning to build and paint some meltagun-wielding veterans for my Astra Militarum army for some time now.

8. Zone Mortalis
A few years back, I made my own Zone Mortalis board (post and pictures to follow soon). I don't even need two hands to count the number of games I have played on it, so would like to get a lot more games played on it in the coming year.

9. Paint my Stormraven
This has been on my to do list for a while now, I have managed to make a little progress on it, but my White Scars have been waiting on more air support for a while now.

10. Add more to this list
This is what I have just come up with off the top of my head, but I am sure there is a lot more that could go on it. I will hopefully be adding to this as the year goes on.

So that's my upcoming plans, you will hopefully be seeing some of this stuff coming up in posts in the near(ish) future.



  1. I know you said you were looking for local tournaments, but have a look at Kings of the North, near to Durham, I've been to last years and several other events run by these guys and I've enjoyed them all.

    p.s. There is accommodation on site.

  2. If you want, I can intro you for X-wing the night before bwX?

    1. Works for me. That way you can only beat me at 40k a maximum of once during the weekend!

  3. Hah. There is plenty of time for both :)