Friday, 3 July 2015

Hobby Costs June 2015

Hello and welcome! Today is the first of what is going to be a monthly ritual, where I detail the wargaming costs for the previous month. The purpose of this is to see exactly what I spend my money on when it comes to 40k (and fantasy to a lesser extent). Hopefully you may find this interesting, charting my progress as the total slowly mounts up and I sit in the corner and cry about how much I have actually spent. If not, please come back for the battle reports and random ramblings.

So, expenditures for June this month were;
  • £127.50 Blog Wars 9 costs (ticket, transport, accommodation)
  • -£110 Sold epic 40k models and rules on ebay
  • £42.50 Space Marine Codex and datacards
  • £18.30 Drop Pod (ebay)
  • -£28.30 Sold End Times Thanquol books on ebay
  • £42.50 Dark Angels Codex and datacards
  • £2.80 Ebay postage costs
  • £3.99 Sternguard Heavy Bolters (3) from ebay
  • £12.40 Assault Marines from ebay
  • £17.50 Blog Wars 10 ticket
Total for June = £129.19
June was a fairly expensive month. The biggest expense was the trip to blog wars 9 down in Stockport. The ticket was only £17.50 (an absolute bargain for 3 amazing games and the chance to win a big raffle prize), but two nights in a local hotel and petrol costs saw the price for the tournament increase to £127.50. I think next blog wars will be cheaper as I will probably only stay for one night and I can even share a room with some of the lovely people I met down there. I have already bought my ticket for blog wars 10 in November and look forward to it!
The next biggest expense was the release of two codices for my armies in the one month; Space Marines and Dark Angles. I also picked up the datacards as I have previously given my thoughts on maelstrom missions. Gone are the days of waiting months or years at a time for new codex updates.

The last purchases this month were some models to add to my White Scars. After reading the rules for the Skyhammer formation, I knew I wanted to get in on some alpha strike action. I purchased a drop pod, set of assault marines and some Sternguard heavy bolters to add to my force. The drop pod and assault marines now give me two of each (the number required for the formation). I already have a devastator squad with missile lauchers, I wanted to have one made up of heavy bolters too. I purchased some additional heavy bolters to add to the ones I had left over from the Sternguard kits I bought. Twelve relentless heavy bolter shots should be able to put a dent in most armies I face and I look forward to getting them painted and fielded.

So that's June sorted, hopefully July will be a quiet month as I'm not expected to purchase any new releases (based on the rumours).

As always, you can see the total for the year in the Hobby Costs 2015 page. Anyone else out there keep track of their hobby spending?


  1. I probably should do this too as I'm convinced my spending is actually quite limited. This month has been quite extravagant for me thoug, with both a Knight Warden and Dark Angels Expansion and a load of bits for me to begin air brushing but I had £80 in Element Games vouchers from my birthday, spen another £20 in vouchers from Blog Wars and had £60 in google adsense income [its taken 4 years to earn it though!] so pretty much all my outgoings were not my own money.

    Saying all that the new shed I'm getting to become my hobby space will probably be about £1750 all in but we do end up with a proper dining room because it's no longer full of my toys so that might not be applicable as 'hobby costs'... Regardless I probably have enough stuff to keep me busy painting for the next 2-3 years now.

    1. It's always better when you can buy hobby stuff without spending your own money! You'll need to teach me how to do that!

      My problem is that I'm such a bad hobbyer as I somehow don't have a whole lot of models lying around waiting to be painted.