Thursday, 9 July 2015

Battle Report 11- 1500 pts White Scars vs Orks

This written battle report features my White Scars taking on a rather unusual Ork army (at least in my opinion) commanded by Ross, played at Dundee Wargames Club.
The battle was big guns never tire and we ended up with 5 objectives on the board.

Battlefield terrain. The shield represents the objectives in the game.

My army consisted of:
Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan (K)
Librarian- Mastery level 2 (L)
5 Bikers- 2 grav guns, sergeant with meltabombs (B1)
5 Biker- 2 meltaguns, sergeant with meltabombs (B2)
3 Bikers with attack bike- heavy bolter (B3)
10 Tactical marines (TS)- Flamer, in a drop pod (DP) with deathwind launcher and locator beacon
5 Scouts (S)- sergeant with meltabombs in a landspeeder storm (LS)
10 Devastators (D1 and D2)- 4 Missile launchers, in a Rhino (R)
Dreadnought (D)- Multimelta, Heavy Flamer
5 Assault terminators (T)- Storm shields and thunder hammers
My warlord trait was fixed with Khan and the Librarian got Prescience, Precognition and Foreboding. Not a great batch of powers; Prescience was always useful, Foreboding could come in handy, but if the Orks are at my devastators, then I am in trouble. I don't rate Precognition at all for a marine librarian.
My army was quite different from what I normally field, I wanted to try out some units that hadn't seen the battlefield yet and have a change from the blog wars list I have been playing with recently. In addition to Khan, I added the Librarian to see how he performed. I reduced the size of one bike squad and added an attack bike with heavy bolter to deal with the orks. I also got rid of the grav guns as they would have limited use. One unit kept them in case any meganobz turned up.
I took the scouts and landspeeder storm. With the Cerberus launcher going up to S4, it could actually do some damage against the Ork horde, plus blind tests are great against I2 as standard in the army.
I also added the Terminators. I knew that Ross was keen on walkers and thought these could deal with any walkers or even a Stompa if it showed up. A dreadnought rounded out the list. I was keen to see how it performed with its increased attacks.
When making my army, I tried to use the new Detachment rules in the space marine codex. However, I really struggled to fit it into 1500 pts. I had enough models for the basic demi-company, but when it came to the auxiliary choices, I could only go with the Stormwing or with the 1st company formation (with a unit of terminators and two units of Sternguard). These ate up way too many points to be able to field a decent demi-company list with any upgrades at all. I do want to try these out at some point, but it will need to be in a bigger game.
Ross' Ork army consisted of two detachments, one from the Waaagh Ghazghkull book (warband) and one called Stormer Elite:

Warboss- Big boss pole (grants Fearless), big axe (+2S, AP2, strikes at initiative), Finkin' cap
Big Mek- Super force field (4+ invulnerable)
Big Squad formation, warband (W)- 6 units of 10 boyz, 15 grots, 8 Nobz with waaagh banner, all in one big unit. The mob gets to call a Waaagh every turn but the first.
Stormboyz formation (S)- 3 units of 10 stormboyz in one big mob. Get fearless and feel no pain.
6 Meganobz (M)- various combi-weapons
2 Deffcoptas (D1 and D2)- rokkits.

Ross' Big Mek.

He got jealous of the techmarine's harness and decided he wanted his own.
That was some army, Ross obviously never got the memo that Orks are no longer competitive. Two big units with Detachment rules, basically removing the disadvantage of mob rule by making them all fearless. The main mob gets a 4+ invulnerable and 5+ feel no pain, as well as hiding a large number of Uge choppas and power claws. The stormboyz are fast and also fearless. I wasn't sure you could use Relics from both the Ghazghkull and Ork codex, but didn't bother to check. This would be a tough army to face as the footprint of the two large mobs on a four foot table really limited the manoeuvrability of my bikers as the units were pretty much spread across the board. At least they were not objective secured. His warlord trait gave the Warboss feel no pain (I think he actually forgot to roll for the Finkin cap one).
I won the roll for deployment and chose to go first, figuring that the extra turn of shooting would help.
I deployed half the Devastators with the Librarian behind cover to the left, supported by the Dreadnought. The bikes and Rhino went behind the cover on the right, with the tactical marines and terminators kept in reserve.
Ross deployed the Orks across the board, with the grots as a screen at the front of the big unit and the stormboyz hiding behind it. The deffcoptas and Meganobz were held in reserve.


The White Scars ready for battle.

The Ork horde.
I decided not to scout with any units, no point in getting even closer to the horde. He failed to seize the initiative and I got the first turn.
White Scars Turn 1.

At the start of my turn, the drop pod came crashing in. I decide to deploy in front of the main unit, there was not much room on the board and I figured they could act as a speed bump. The bikers advanced to get in bolter range.
The drop pod arrives.

The Bikers advance.

My sight from across the board.
The Librarian attempted to manifest Prescience on the devastators, but his attempt was blocked (Ross managed a triple 6 on six dice). I then cast foreboding on the Librarian. He was momentarily overcome, then strengthened by the warp power coursing through him (I periled on the cast, but rolled a 6 on the table).
The White Scars then unleased their firepower on the horde in front of them. The drop pod fired it missile at the boyz, causing 6 wounds and killing three. The tactical squad added their firepower, killing another 4. The landspeeder storm fired at the horde, scattering to hit the Stormboyz too. One died and the stormboyz were blinded. The other bikers shot at the horde, killing another 4. The devastators fired their frag missiles, causing 9  wounds and killing 4. I had managed to kill 3 boyz and 9 grots from the unit in the first turn.
NOTE- Ross was using the super custom force field to save the wounds from the unit. This shouldn't have been possible as he was at the back of the unit and it only has a 6" range for MODELS, not units. As a result, the KFF has an effective range of about 18" rather than 6". It wasn't till I queried this at the end of turn 2 that we fixed the mistake, so the casualties I caused in the first 2 turns should have been statistically double.

Orks Turn 1.

The horde advanced on the tactical squad and drop pod, while the Stormboyz moved to the left of the field.
Ross begins to move his horde, I disappear for a quick hour break.

Shooting from the large mob killed one tactical marine. Readying themselves for the inevitable charge, the marines cut down one Ork with overwatch fire as the green tide swept into them. The marines cut down another Ork, while the greenskins killed 8 of the white scars and destroyed the drop pod.
The marines managed to hit and run out of combat, moving to the left of the battlefield behind the ruins.
The survivors hit and run out of combat.

The horde overrun the drop pod.

White Scars Turn 2.

Gunning their engines, the meltagun bike squad and landspeeder advanced up the right flank towards the stormboyz. The four man bike unit moved to the left flank, while Khan's unit moved to support the Devastators.
The White Scars gun for the Stormboyz.

The Librarian bolstered the offense powers of the heavy weapons marines (casting prescience on them) and they loosed their missiles into the approaching ork horde. Unfortunately, most of the impacts detonated on the shimmering field protecting the greenskins (I managed 24 hits with the frag missiles, causing 14 wounds. Ross managed to make eleven 4+ saves and a feel no pain, resulting in only 2 dead Orks). The bikers added their firepower, killing another 4 Orks.
Look at all those saves. LOOK AT THEM!

On the other flank, the landspeeder storm and bikers fired at the Stormboyz, killing four of their number (again, Ross was using the KFF to protect the unit, even though they shouldn't have been able to benefit). Seeing the stormboyz falter, the meltagun bikers attacked, the hammer of wrath hits killing the Nob and one stormboy. The bikers struck, wounding twice, but both boyz made their armour saves on 6's. The stormboyz struck back, killing one biker. I won the combat, but remained locked in as the Orks were fearless.
The bikers assault the Stormboyz.

Ork Turn 2.

With a whirl of blades and belching smoke, one Deffcopta arrived to support the stormboyz on the left flank.
The large Ork mob dominating the field advanced on the landspeeder transporting the scouts. The newly arrived Deffcopta fired its rokkit at the speeder, penetrating and stunning the skimmer. The Orks charged in to finish the job, wrecking the landspeeder storm and forcing the scouts to disembark.
In the backfield combat, the momentum of the bikers was spent as they failed to wound any of the stormboyz facing them. The Orks struck back killing one of the bikers (Ross managed to cause 8 wounds, all but one of which I saved). The White Scars bikers decided to withdraw, speeding towards the centre of the Ork deployment zone.
The landspeeder is brought down.

The scouts spill out of the wreck.

White Scars Turn 3.

With a flash of light, the Terminators arrived behind the Ork lines, ready to sell their lives to delay the enemy. I decided to deploy the assault terminators behind the large mob. My hope was that Ross would turn to attack them, delaying his mob for another turn.
The Scouts climbed out of the wreckage to advance on the Deffcopta, supporting the newly arrived terminators. The other bikes moved back from the Ork horde, ready to fire at them once again.
The Terminators deep strike in.

The White Scars line surveys the Ork horde.

The Scouts race for the Deffcopta.

The Librarian channelled the arcane powers around him, once again bolstering the Devastators, but paying a heavy price (I periled once again, rolling a one on the chart, but thankfully passed my Ld test and only took a wound).

Once again, the majority of the army fired at the large mob in the centre of the board. Thanks to the effort of the big mek and painboy, only 4 Orks died despite the masses of bolters fired at them. The scouts fired at the Deffcopta, their bolt pistols causing no damage to the rusty chassis (I managed to roll four 1's to hit for the 5 scouts).

The bikers in the enemy deployment zone fired at the stormboyz, killing 3. They followed up the fire with an assault, killing 4 of the stormboyz for no loss in return.

The Scouts assaulted the Deffcopta, easily butchering the pilot and turned to support the terminators.

Ork Turn 3.

The second Deffcopta arrives, leaving only the Meganobz in reserve. It outflanked behind the devastators on the White Scars left flank. On the other side of the battlefield, the ork horde advanced on the terminators, who readied themselves for the upcoming charge.
The Deffcopta fired at the rear of the Dreadnought, penetrating the walker's armour and stunning it.
Deffcopta arrives behind enemy lines.

With a mighty Waaagh!, the ork horde charged the terminators and meltagun bikers in a disordered charge. The bikers attacked the stormboyz, but could cause no wounds on them. The Orks strike back, wiping out the bikers.
The terminators are assaulted.

Close up view of the carnage.

The bikers are swamped and brought down.

The greenskins then turned their attention on the terminators. The Nobz with the Uge choppas attacked, causing 4 wounds on the terminators, all of which were saved. The masses of ork boyz then attacked the terminators, causing 18 wounds on the White Scar veterans. Amazingly, I managed to save all 18 wounds and the terminators survived!
The terminators hit and ran out of the combat and advanced on the stormboyz.
The hit and run moves takes the terminators back to the Ork board edge.

White Scars Turn 4.

With their amazing survival last turn, the terminators headed for the stormboyz, supported by the scouts. In the white scars deployment zone, Khan and his unit raced towards the deffcopta that was behind their lines.
The stormboyz ready themselves for a charge.

In the shooting phase, the bikers on the left targeted the ork mob, but could not cause any wounds. Khan's unit fired their bolters at the deffcopta and succeeded in wounding it, the mad jinking of the pilot stopping the grav guns from wiping it out. Nearby, the devastators once again fired their missiles at the large ork horde facing them, killing 5 of the boyz. The scouts killed one stormboy before joining the terminators in launching an assault.

The Stormboyz and scouts struck at one another, one ork boy falling for the loss of 4 scouts. The terminators then stepped up, their mighty hammer blows felling 9 stromboyz. Khan led his unit in an assault on the deffcopta, their hammer of wrath attacks taking the rickety ork machine from the sky.
Combat aftermath.
Orks Turn 4.

The meganobz finally arrived on the Ork board edge, moving to support the ork horde, who advanced on the terminators.
The Meganobz arrive...... the terminators are surrounded.

The meganobz fired at the bikers on their right flank, causing two wounds that were both saved by the marine's armour.

In the assault phase, the ork horde attacked the terminators and scout, easily slaying the scout . The orks and power claw nobz finally took their toll on the terminators who had escaped their wrath last turn, killing 4. The terminators managed to slay 3 stormboyz as they were cut down. The lone survivor failed his morale check and fell back 7".
The lone survivor flees.

White Scars Turn 5.

With this being potentially the last turn, the Bikes and Dreadnought advanced on the objective in the centre of the battlefield and the two remaining tactical marines moved towards the nearby objective.
Units advance on the central objective.

The surviving tactical marines advance on the nearby objective.

Khan's unit and the devastators fired on the orks, their combined firepower killing 5 of the horde. There was no assault this turn and the White Scars waited to see if they could survive the oncoming storm.

Ork Turn 5.

The ork horde advanced on the side objective guarded by the lone terminator, running to close the distance. The stormboyz crossed the battlefield, speeding towards the tactical squad. They spurned their rokkit packs to take them to the enemy faster, one unfortunate stormboy exploding in mid-air (Ross used the double run stormboy rule, but lost one to the difficult terrain test).
The still strong Ork horde.

The Orks attempt to finish off the terminators.

The mob assaulted the terminator, this time his armour could not deny the flurry of blows that were aimed at him (they caused 13 wounds, of which two were failed). The stormboyz attacked the tactical squad, the marines cutting down one of the boyz for no loss in return.

At the end of turn 5, the White Scars controlled 4 objectives to the Ork's one. If the game ended here, it would be a crushing victory for the Scars. Ross rolled the die, and another turn was to be played.

White Scars Turn 6.

The Dreadnought advanced on the ork horde, Khan and his unit moving to support them. The Dreadnought and two biker units fired at the orks, killing 5 of them. The devastators added their firepower, slaying another 3.
In the assault phase, the Dreadnought charged the ork warband, cutting down 3 of the boyz. The Walker is destroyed in return by the nobz with the power claw. The tactical squad killed one stormboy for no loss in return.
The tactical squad reduce the Stormboyz mob to one model.

Ork Turn 6.

The remnants of the Ork horde moved up towards the central objective, while the meganobz advanced on the tactical marines.
The ork mob charge the unit of bikers guarding the central objective. The White Scars managed to wound the warboss, before being torn apart by the Ork forces. The meganobz assaulted the two remaining tactical marines, easily slaying the survivors and claiming the objective.
The Meganobz finish off the tactical squad.

The remnants of the Ork horde advance on the bikers.

The game ended there. The Orks were able to clear the two troops choices off the objectives and claim them.

White Scars- 6 VP (two objectives)
Orks- 7 VP (two objectives and first blood)

Those were some tough Orks! Ross admitted that it was quite a cheesy army, though I guess that is what Orks need to be competitive these days. The majority of the army was fearless and had feel no pain, and the big mob had protection from a 4+ invulnerable save.

There were a few errors during gameplay. The error with the super force field in the first two turns severely limited the damage I could do to the big mob and stormboyz. Without the benefit of the force field, I should have been able to cut the unit in half by turn 2 and depleted the stormboyz but another 4-6 models. I'm not sure if this would have made a big difference to the game, but it might have made me feel better. The other minor error was Ross' confusion with the Warboss' weapon. It seemed to be a mix of the two relic weapons (the AP2 instant death powerclaw and Uge Choppa that gains +1S and -1AP for each wound caused). This didn't make a real difference to the game as the only time the warboss got to attack was against the Dreadnought and bikers in the last turn, and there were more than enough boys to take out the bikers. The warboss was also supposed to issue a challenge in each combat, something he never did. I'm not too familiar with the rule for the warband. Does the army get to call a Waaagh! each turn or is it just the unit? The stormboyz benefitted from the Waaagh! on a few occasions, most notably when they went after the tactical squad. Unfortunately, I was not familiar enough with the Waagh Ghazghkull book to notice these mistakes.

As to my own battle plan, I think it worked rather well. I was able to use the tactical marines and terminators to stall the advance of the large mob. Had this unit got to my lines, it would likely have wiped out all my remaining units. The unit of the match was definitely the terminators. Saving all 22 wounds from the mob in turn 3 made a huge difference to the game as the terminators were able to hold up and divert the mob for 2 turns instead of one, ensuring that the horde barely made it past the half-way point on the table.
I made a couple of mistakes in the game. Assaulting with the Dreadnought was foolish, there was no way he was going to make a huge dent on the mob and he died easily as a result. I should have kept him where he was and moved Khan up to support the Dreadnought and the bikes. This would have forced Ross to assault all three units in order to clear them from the objective. I'm not sure if they could have survived, but if they did I would have claimed the middle objective and won the game. In any case, Khan may have been able to take out the warboss in combat with a lot of luck.
Alternatively, I could have gone for linebreaker with Khan's squad. As it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to get first blood or slay the warlord, this would be the only secondary I could have achieved.
Again, playing on a 4 foot square board severely limited my mobility. The large ork horde was able to spread across the board, meaning that I could not escape them with my much more mobile force. On a larger board, I could have split the objectives on both flanks, meaning that Ross would need to focus on one side or split his forces and make them much easier to deal with. Fortunately, Ross wants a rematch on a larger board at some point and I will be interested to see what happens. Maybe next time, I'll take a Vindicare to deal with that pesky Big Mek and Painboy!

Overall, it was an interesting game with a narrow win for the Orks. The crazy survivability of the main mob and negation of the mob rule for most of the army made it a tough fight of what should have been a walk over for the White Scars.

A few last photos before I wrap up; Ross' Warboss and Painboy mounted on bikers. They didn't take part in the game, but I really like the models.



  1. Man those are some tough storm boys! Massive pain! Normally I think you can only call 1, maybe two waaaghs but that's without special rules and I confess I don't know the new ork book at all. Nice battle report as ever. I thought you'd managed to tie the mob up in the corner long enough to win the game! You did well to get him to obsess over killing stuff in that corner :)

    1. Those were some very tough Orks all round. The fearless bonus helped as without it, I could have caused more wounds with the mob rule checks.
      The warband and green tide formations allow you to call multiple waaaghs. It's a nice little bonus, and the Orks really needed something decent in the new codex (unfortunately, that was about it).
      My plan to tie up the mob with terminators went a lot better than expected thanks to some amazing saves. If only the game had ended on turn 5, I would have crushed them. As it was, I only lost by 1 and I was quite happy with it. After my entire first turn of shooting caused only a handful of casualties, I was worried it was going to be a walk over for the Boyz.

    2. Nice batrep! Well fought till the end! The Ork list, though, has TONS of errors.
      1. The Stormboyz formation FORCES you to stay in reserve, and it is NOT FEARLESS nor has FNP.
      2. The Warband formation isn't ONE BIG UNIT. All these units work separatedly. Your opponent might be mixing the Green Tide rules.
      3. In the warband you must choose to use Nobz OR meganobz, but not both.
      4. The warband formation is in the Ork codex, so no 4++ relic for the Big Mek, nor Big Bosspole for the Warboss. Only Finkin Kap is correct, but it's impossible to have relics from both books on the same guy.
      5. I don't know which close combat relic the warboss had, but it's definately not like that. It looks like it is Ragnarok's Choppa (+2S AP5 Combat 2 Handed), which starts getting better AP while it kills. If that's the case, and assuming it killed somebody in EVERY COMBAT since the 1st turn (unlikely, looking at the pics as the warboss is SO FAR away from combat), the could have gotten AP2 on his 3rd Turn.
      6. How did he get the Big mek and deffkoptas? They don't come in the warband, (it's just a regular mek, and there's no room for koptas) nor in the Vulcha Squad (only Zagstruk and 10-30 Stormboyz).
      7. Everybody fearless? Don't think so...
      8. You definately need to have a rematch!!!

    3. My opponent did point out the next day that there were a lot of errors in his army list when I queried some of the options for the wargear, he hadn't played 40k in a while. It's a bit annoying, but it was fun game nonetheless.

      1. He showed me a formation page on his tablet for the stromboyz formation and it had Fearless and Feel no Pain. It may have been an old one, so no longer allowed.
      2. This error was pointed out after the game. The only annoyance was the grots as they took a lot of the wounds that would have killed boyz. If they were a separate unit, I would have ignored them until later in the game.
      3. The meganobz were not from the warband, they were taken as a separate unit (I think there were some allied formation errors too).
      4. I was wondering about taking relics from two books too.
      5. The close combat relic was a mixture between the two ones from Waaagh Ghazghkull and was a mistake.
      6. I think this was army composition errors again.
      7. The big mob was fearless (due to the big boss pole) and the stormbozy were fearless from the formation (whether this was correct or not is another matter), the coptas and Meganobz were not fearless, though this didn't really come in to play.
      8. It's on the cards. I just need a bigger table for my bikes to have free range.

      Glad you enjoyed the report, it was a fun game despite all the errors in the Ork list. As it was a friendly club game, I wasn't too bothered about chasing down all the errors as it was still a fun game. If it was a tournament or league game, I would definitely raised the issue as I think the entire army was illegal. Ross did apologise later for the errors, he hadn't played the army in some time and he was very fuzzy on the rules. At least I'll know this next time I face his Orks!