Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Hobby Update 06/01/21- Dark Angels Ravenwing Talonmaster

Today's Hobby Update features a Ravenwing Talonmaster for my Dark Angels army. This unit provides some very strong firepower and buffing abilities for the force. I've been thinking a lot recently about running an all-Ravenwing army once more in 9th edition. Can't wait to get playing again to try it out. 


  1. That model is definitely looking the part! Nice DA touches definitely sell it.

  2. I've a Land Speeder waiting to do this, but I was considering having the Master with the robed upgrade legs, half out of the cockpit, you know what I mean. Need a really good example of how it's been done. Alternatively what you've achieved is the less silly option, eminently more sensible and I should probably do that instead rather than fret over it!

  3. Nice work and I think an all Ravenwing army would always be cool.