Monday, 9 November 2020

How to make a Chaplain on Bike from Indomitus

 Here is my how to guide on converting a Chaplain on Bike from the Indomitus boxed set. This will allow you to field your own Biker Chaplain to lead your Space Marine forces into glorious battle.

For this conversion, you will need:
  • Outrider Biker. The one with the pistol is the best choice, as this allows you to have the Chaplain wielding the Crozius arcanum. 
  • Chaplain from the Indomitus box. 
  • Book from the Ravenwing Upgrade sprue, or a suitable equivalent. The book on the Chaplain will also suffice. 
  • Other decorative elements, such as purity seals, chapter symbols, Imperial symbols, etc. 
The process was pretty straightforward and you should be able to complete it in under an hour. 

Step 1- Clip off the appropriate parts, and clean up the mould lines. Drill out the barrels on your Outrider Bolters, if you are so inclined. 

Step 2- Take Chaplain part G3 and outrider part E30. Cut off the arm section of G3 to give you the torso alone. Glue the two parts together. 

Step 3- Take Outrider part E29. Clip away the abdominal plate and clean up with a hobby knife. Glue this to the missing torso section of the piece above. Alternatively, you can fill this in with green stuff and decorate with an appropriate Chaplain symbol. 

Step 4- Clip the lower purity seals away from the Chaplain backpack (G6). Glue on part G7 as per the instructions. Glue on the backpack to the torso. I didn't do this originally, but was able to fit it on to the Chaplain after the bike had been assembled with relative ease. 

Step 5- Glue the wheel (E3A and E3B) together and assemble with Bike sections E25 and E26. Glue in your torso assembly. 

Step 6- Glue and assemble the left arm of the Biker (E34 and E33). You can then assemble the rest of the Bike (E35 and 36). You can clip off the helmet on the leg if you wish, but I just left mine in place. 

Step 7- Cut off the Crozius Arcanum arm on the Chaplain (G1) and the head from part G3. Glue them in place on the Chaplain. 

Step 8- Glue the Dark Angels Ravenwing book onto the top of the Bike, or use a suitable replacement. The book from the Chaplains legs will make a good substitute if you don't have an appropriate part. 

Step 9- Decorate the Chaplain and Bike with any parts appropriate from your bits box. I used some purity seals to cover the hole when the Chainsword should be fitted to the legs. I also used an emblem dangling from a chain (taken from a Space Marine torso) to act as the Rosarius. There were also some appropriate Imperial symbols to add to the sides of the Bike to act as decoration. 

With that, your Chaplain is complete. All that you need to do is paint it up and go crush your foes. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Siph! It was fun to build, haven't done any converting in a while. Got most of it painted up at the moment, so looking forward to getting it on the table.

  2. Nice. I think I prefer your crozius tbh and you probably saved yourself a few bob while you were at it!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I do like this version myself. I'm not a big fan of the skull face Chaplains, so it was nice to do a different one.

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  4. This was excellent thank you. The are numerous cosmetic accessories that can be carved off the original chaplain body