Sunday, 8 November 2020

Hobby Update 08/11/20- Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Today's hobby update features a converted Chaplain on Bike that I made for my Space Marine armies. I've been looking to add a Chaplain Biker to support and boost my Bikers armies, namely the White Scars and Ravenwing contingents of my forces. 
The new rules provide some strong litany buffs for the nearby units and the mobility of a Chaplain on a Bike should prove to be a strong force multiplier. However, the official model is out of stock and I fancied something a bit different. With a few spares from the Indomitus boxed set left over, I decided to convert my own Biker Chaplain from the Outrider and Chaplain models in the box. 

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It was easy enough to do, and I'll post an article on how I carried this out later in the week. I had enough spare parts and accessories to add some decoration to the model. Fortunately, I'll have plenty of time during the current lockdown to hopefully get him painted up. 


  1. Looking good, mate; sweet conversion. Is it still in sub-assemblies for painting, dudes on bikes are such a pain to paint?

    1. Cheers Marc! No, I just assembled it for painting. Makes it a bit more difficult. I would normally keep the Bike and Rider separate, but it's really hard to do with these new kits where the lets are moulded onto the bike.

    2. That is something I have noticed about the new kits, they are beautifully sculpted but you assemble them in such an abstract way, sub-assemblies are a nightmare. Converting them is hard too, as many are essentially mono-pose. Still... they do look righteous...

    3. Yeah, converting them to my Deathwatch has been pretty tricky. Having the shoulder pads fixed really makes it difficult to swap them out.

  2. Good Chaplain conversion. I'd have a hard time telling it wasn't the official model. Congrats.