Thursday, 28 November 2019

Surrey 40k Tournament Battle Report: Game 3- White Scars vs Necrons

The final 40k battle report sees my White Scars take on Jack's Necrons in the Resupply Drop mission. 
This mission features six objectives on the table. For each objective, you roll off and the winner gets to move the objective up to 3" in any direction. You score a point for each objective you control at the start of your turn, so it is possible for the objective to be moved off your unit before you can score it. We were also using kill points in this mission. The deployment zone was Search and Destroy. 

My White Scars army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Khan on Bike- Twin Bolter, Khan's Spear, Chogorian Storm, Master of Snares, Wrath of the Heavens
Librarian- Jump Pack, Force Stave, Mantle of the Stormseer, Ride the Winds, Storm-wreathed
5 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Heavy Bolter
5 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Plasma Cannon
5 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Power Sword, Flamer
5 Scouts Bikers- Twin Bolters, Shotguns, Combat Knives
5 Bikers- Twin Bolters, 2 Meltaguns, Force Stave
5 Devastators- 4 Grav-cannons, Combi-grav
Rhino- Storm Bolter
Rhino- Storm Bolter
Drop Pod- Storm Bolter

Battalion Detachment
Captain- Bike, Twin Bolter, Teeth of Terra
Lieutenant- Jump Pack, Power Axe, MC Bolter
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Bolt Pistol, Combat Knives
10 Vanguard Veterans- 5 with 2 Chainswords, 5 with Chainsword and Plasma Pistol
5 Sternguard Veterans- Special Issue Bolters
Thunderfire Cannon- Techmarine Gunner with Flamer, Plasma Cutter, 2 Servo-arms

A fast moving White Scars force with some strong buffing characters and some backfield support unit. 

I took a couple of units of Tactical Marines for backfield objective holding, along with the Thunderfire Cannon for long ranged firepower. I took three units of Scouts for board control and grabbing objectives out of my deployment zone. 

For the fast moving elements, I took two units of Bikers, a couple of squads in Rhinos and a unit of Vanguard Veterans. These could move out to take on the enemy units or go after the objectives. For the Characters, I took two Captains on Bike (one of which is a Khan), a Lieutenant with Jump Pack and Librarian with Jump Pack.

Jack's army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment (Necrons, Sautekh)
Imotekh the Stormlord- Hyperlogical Strategist (warlord trait)
Cryptek- Chronometron, The Abyssal Staff
10 Immortals- Tesla Carbines
10 Immortals- Tesla Carbines
19 Necron Warriors- Gauss Flayers
Triarch Stalker- Heatray
6 Destroyers- Gauss Cannons

Spearhead Detachment (Necrons, Sautekh)
Necron Lord- Warscythe, The Veil of Darkness
Doomsday Ark- Doomsday Cannon, 2 Gauss Flayer arrays
Doomsday Ark- Doomsday Cannon, 2 Gauss Flayer arrays
Doomsday Ark- Doomsday Cannon, 2 Gauss Flayer arrays

A good mix of infantry and vehicles for the Necron army, along with the usual nasty Destroyer unit. The Quantum Shielding on the vehicles would make them tough to take out with all my high damage combat attacks. My best bet would be to get into combat quickly to shut down the firepower of the enemy units, and hold off till turn 3 when my extra damage and AP attacks would help against the armour of the Necrons.

Jack won the roll off for deployment zone and selected his side. I then deployed my army.

I put a unit of Bikers, the Chainsword Captain and a Rhino on my left flank. The bulk of my fast force went in the centre, the warlord, Librarian, Lieutenant, Scout Bikers and another Rhino deploying as far forward as possible to get to the enemy quickly. I put the combat Scout Squad in one of the Rhinos.
I deployed the rest of my forces in my backline, using a unit of Scouts to screen my backfield against the Veil of Darkness, the rest of the forces occupying ruins or hiding out of line of sight. I put the Vanguard Veteran units in reserve once more.

In reply, Jack castled up most of his army. The Stalker went at the front of his deployment zone, with much of the army behind it in the ruins. He used the vehicles to block off the infantry, so my Bike squads couldn't get to them without taking out the vehicles first.

I chose to take the first turn and Jack failed to seize the initiative. My plan was to advance with my units and engage the Necrons on turn 1. If I could keep his army locked into his deployment zone, it would give me an advantage for grabbing the objectives.


We rolled off for the objectives and Jack got to move 3 of the 4 objectives away from my units.

The Scout Bikers and Khan on Bike advanced through the gaps in the central ruins towards the Triarch Stalker, the Lieutenant and Librarian joining them. The other mobile units moved towards the lines, the Rhinos using their smoke launchers. I used Born in the Saddle and Skilled Riders on the Scout Bikers.
In the backfield, the rest of the White Scars units moved to secure the objectives. At the end of the phase, the Drop Pod arrived in front of the Necron lines, the Devastators moving out to target the enemy units.
In the psychic phase, the Librarian cast Storm-wreathed on the Khan, also casting Ride the Winds on him but needing a CP re-roll to do so.

In the shooting phase, the Devastators used Gravitic Amplification to target the Immortals in front of them. The squad managed 8 wounds and killed 5 of the Necrons. The Scout Bikers added their firepower, doing 10 wounds and killing 3. The Bikers and Captain fired their Bolters at the squad, wounding them 9 times, but only one Immortal fell. The Thunderfire Cannon fired at the squad, finishing off the last three remaining.

In the charge phase, the Khan charged the Triarch Stalker and one of the Doomsday Arks. The Scout Bikers and Librarian followed him in.
The Scout Bikers managed to do one wound on the Stalker. The Librarian did three wounds with one of his attacks, but the Quantum Shielding blocked it. The Khan struck at the Ark, taking four damage from the enemy vehicle. The attacks back did no harm to the White Scars.

At the end of my turn, I scored a point for First Strike and a kill point.

I had managed to wrap the Stalker up in combat, preventing it from falling back and keeping several units safe from the enemy firepower. Jack would need to split his firebase if he wanted to target my units or move out on the objectives.


The vehicles recovered a wound thanks to Living metal, while the Khan failed to stop the Arc from falling back with his Snares ability.
The rest of the Necron forces stayed in position, but the Necron Lord activated the power of the Veil of Darkness to teleport himself and the Necron Warriors to the ruins on the right flank.
In the shooting phase, the Necron Warriors fired on the Scouts, wiping out the squad. The Destroyers used Extermination Protocols and targeted the Devastators, destroying the White Scars utterly.

The Stormlord used his ability on the Bikers, doing 6 mortal wounds on the squad and killing three! The Immortals fired at a Rhino, but failed to do significant damage. The Arcs fired at the Drop Pod, taking one wound, while another fired at a backfield Tactical Squad, killing three.

In the fight phase, the Stalker struck at the Librarian, doing two wounds on him. The Scout Bikers were able to put 5 wounds on the Stalker and it took four. the Librarian managed to do three more wounds, leaving it on a single wound, which the Khan then took from him to destroy the enemy vehicle.

At the end of his turn, Jack scored First Strike and two kill points. I also scored another kill point for the Stalker.

White Scars- 3
Necrons- 3

A pretty even turn so far in terms of points. However, the White Scars were poised to launch a full assault on the Necron lines with their forces this turn.

At the start of the turn, I scored three objective points for being on them and Jack didn't score any. I switched to the Tactical Doctrine.

The Khan and Librarian moved up towards the Destroyers, the Scout Bikers moving around the ruins to the left. The Rhinos and Bikers continued to move up on the enemy forces. In the backfield, the Tactical Squad and Scouts moved up towards the Necron Warriors. At the end of the phase, the Chainsword Vanguard Veterans arrived from reserve, landing near the Necron Warriors.
In the psychic phase, the Librarian cast Stormwreathed on the Khan with the help of a CP re-roll. I decided not to risk a second power, in case he periled and killed himself.

The Bikers fired at the Destroyers, killing one with their Meltagun. The various characters threw some Krak grenades at the squad, but failed to do any damage. The Drop Pod and Rhinos added fire from their Storm Bolters, managing to kill one more Destroyer.

The Scout Bikers fired at the Immortals, but managed to miss with half their shots, only killing two of the squad. The Shotguns were able to kill one more.

In the backfield, the Tactical Squads and Scouts fired on the Necron Warriors, only managing to kill 5 in total with their firepower after some horrendous rolling. The Thunderfire Cannon fired at the Necron Warriors, getting 9 hits but only 4 wounds and killing two. I spent 2CP to fire again, this time killing three more.

In the charge phase, the Khan charged the Destroyers and Ark, the Librarian and Lieutenant following him in against the Destroyers. The Bike Captain and Bike Squad charged a Doomsday Ark. Meanwhile, the Tactical Squad assaulted the Necron Warriors, while the Vanguard Veterans were out of range thanks to the shooting casualties. The Stormlord made a heroic intervention on the Librarian.
In the fight phase, the Khan struck at the Destroyers, doing four wounds. Jack made two 6+ saves, then each wound only did one damage each!

Jack spent 2CP to interrupt with the Necron Warriors on the Tactical Squad, doing 4 wounds and killing two of the squad. The White Scars struck back, only managing to kill one Warrior.

On the other side of the field, the Librarian managed to kill two of the Destroyers, while the Lieutenant put two wounds on another. The Biker Captain managed to put two wounds on the Ark, the Bikers taking it down to 6 wounds remaining.

The Stormlord managed to kill the Librarian, while the Destroyers failed to do any damage.

At the end of my turn, I scored no kill points. Jack scored one kill point for the Librarian.


The resurrection protocols brought back 2 Immortals and one Destroyer, along with 7 of the 12 Necron Warriors!

The Destroyers fell back from combat, the Khan unable to keep them with his Master of Snares ability, despite using a CP re-roll. He did manage to keep the Doomsday Ark locked in combat. The Immortals moved to surround the Necron characters to protect them from the rampaging White Scars. On the other flank, the Necron Lord moved up to support the Warriors.
The Cryptek fired at the Bikers, killing one. The Doomsday Ark fired at the Rhino, but failed to hit with its main gun. The rest fired at the Scout Bikers, killing two. The second Ark fired at the Rhino, taking 6 wounds from it in total. Immotek added his firepower, taking two more wounds. The Immortals fired at the Bikers and Rhino, doing three wounds on the Bikers and 2 on a Rhino.

In the charge phase, the Necron Lord assaulted the Tactical Squad in combat with the Necron Warriors. The Necron Lord and Warriors struck at the Tactical Squad, killing two of them for no damage in reply.

The Khan struck at the Doomsday Ark, taking four wounds from it. The Biker Captain failed to do any damage, while the Lieutenant took two wounds from it.

White Scars- 6
Necrons- 4

At the end of turn 2, the White Scars were in the lead. I had managed to keep most the Necron army in their own deployment zone, allowing me to go after the objectives. Only the Necron Warriors and Lord had managed to move out at this stage.

At the start of the third turn, I scored one objective point. I also switched to the Assault Doctrine.

The Vanguard Veterans moved up on the Necron Warrriors on the left flank, while the Scouts and Tactical Squad moved to secure the objectives. On the right flank, the White Scars units fell back from combat towards the bulk of the enemy army. The Tactical Squad, Scouts and Sternguard Veterans disembarked from the Rhinos, who moved off to target the enemy vehicles.
The last unit of Vanguard Veterans landed near a Doomsday Ark.

In the shooting phase, the Sternguard fired at the Immortals, doing 9 hits, but only a single wound on a 4+, which was saved! The Lieutenant fired at the damaged Doomsday Ark, killing it with his Master-Crafted Bolter. The Scouts and Tactical Squad fired at the Immortals, killing four more.

The Thunderfire Cannon fired at the Immortals, only managing to kill another two. The Vanguard Veterans overcharged their Plasma Pistols into the Destroyers, killing two of the squad.

In the charge phase, the Sternguard charged the Cryptek, losing three of the squad to overwatch fire. The Khan charged the Stormlord and Immortals, while the Bikers, Tactical Squad and Lieutenant charged the Immortals. The Scouts assaulted the Destroyers. On the other side of the field, the Vanguard Veterans charged the Necron Warriors.
The Chainsword Vanguard Veterans attacked the Necron Warriors, but only managed to kill four of the squad. The Tactical Squad killed one more Warrior.

The Khan struck at the Immortals, killing them. The Sternguard Veterans attacked the Cryptek, wounding him twice. The Scouts failed to do any damage on the Destroyer.

Immotekh attacked the Khan, wounding him twice. The Cryptek failed to damage the Sternguard Veterans, and the Destroyer killed one Scout. The Necron Lord killed the last Tactical Marine in combat, while the Necron Warriors failed to damage the Vanguard Veterans.

At the end of my turn, I scored two kill points, and Jack scored a Kill Point.


The Reanimation brought back three warriors and healed a wound on the Cryptek. The Cryptek fell back from combat, as did the Destroyer. The Necron Lord moved towards the Scouts holding the objective.
A Doomsday Ark fired on the backfield Tactical Squad and Sternguard Veterans, wiping both units out. The second Doomsday Ark fired at the Bikers, Scouts and Tactical Squad, killing the Bikers and four of the Tactical Squad. The Destroyer fired at the Scout Bikers, but failed to do any wounds.

In the charge phase, the Doomsday Ark charged the Tactical Marine, while the Necron Lord assaulted the Scouts.

The Necron Lord struck at the Scouts, killing two of the squad. The Necron Warriors attacked the Vanguard Veterans, killing two of the squad. Immotekh struck at the Khan, but failed to do any damage.
In reply, the Khan slew the Stormlord. Jack used the Resurrection Protocol to bring him back. The Biker Captain attacked him, killing him once more. The Vanguard Veterans attacked the Necron Warriors. Some terrible rolling saw them do only two wounds, which were both saved. The lone Tactical Marine was able to take four wounds from the Doomsday Ark. The Scouts were able to take two wounds from the Necron Lord.

At the end of the turn, Jack scored four kill points. I also scored one kill point.

White Scars- 10
Necrons- 9

At the start of the turn, I scored three objective points.

The Rhino fell back from combat with the Ark, while the Vanguard Veterans moved up on the vehicle, joined by the Biker Captain. The Khan and a Rhino moved up on the other Doomsday Ark. The Lieutenant and Scouts moved up on the Cryptek. The Vanguard Veterans and Scouts fell back from combat.

The Scouts fired at the Cryptek, wounding him with their pistols. The Vanguard Veterans fired their Plasma Pistols at the Destroyer, killing it. The Thunderfire Cannon fired at the Warriors, killing two of the squad.

In the charge phase, the Rhino charged the Doomsday Ark, followed by the Captain and Vanguard Veterans. The Rhino and Khan charged the other Doomsday Ark. The Scouts charged the Necron Lord, while the Vanguard Veterans assaulted the Necron Warriors, from behind the cover of the ruins to avoid the overwatch fire. The Lieutenant and Scouts charged the Cryptek.

The Scouts failed to do any damage on the Necron Lord. Jack spent his last two CP to interrupt with the Necron Warriors. They attacked the Vanguard Veterans, killing three of the squad.
The Khan struck at the Doomsday Ark, taking five damage from it. The rest of the attacks from the White Scars took it down to 3 wounds. The Lieutenant killed the Cryptek. The Necron Lord attacked the Scouts, killing one.

At the end of my turn, I scored one kill point.


Five of the Necron Warriors returned to the battlefield.

The Doomsday Ark fell back from combat to target the White Scars, while the other could not due to its reduced movement. One Ark fired at the Tactical Squad, killing them.
In the fight phase, the Necron Lord killed the two Scouts. The Ark attacked the Vanguard Veterans, but failed to do any damage.

The Vanguard Veterans were able to kill three Necron Warriors, while the Warriors cut down two Veterans. The Captain was able to destroy the Doomsday Ark in combat.
At the end of the turn, Jack scored two kill points and I scored a kill point.

The game ended there, as we ran out of time. I scored Linebreaker.

White Scars- 16
Necrons- 11

A victory for the White Scars.

Thanks to Jack for a fun game.

Overall, I think my plan worked well. I was able to use the fast move of the White Scars to keep Jack's forces locked in his deployment zone for much of the game. Only the Necron Warriors and Lord were able to escape thanks to the Veil of Darkness.

This gave me a big bonus in terms of grabbing the objectives, as I had much of the board free to go after them and score them most of my turns.

The Necron Warriors and Lord that did escape were a thorn in my side. They were able to do a fair bit of damage to my forces with their shooting in the first couple of turns. Annoyingly, I thought the Vanguard Veterans would have been able to deal with them, combined with the Thunderfire Cannon and firepower from the Tactical Squads. However, some great saving throws and reanimation rolls from Jack meant that they were not dying in as large a quantity as they should have done. This allowed them to slowly whittle down my backfield units over the course of several turns.

The advance party of the two Bike characters and support characters was useful in this game. They were able to do a lot of damage to the Necron forces, as well as tying them up in combat to stop them from firing. The Quantum Shielding proved particularly annoying once again, as it was able to help keep the Doomsday Arks alive for longer by brushing off my more powerful combat attacks.

At the end of the event, I was on two wins and a draw. Pretty respectable for the White Scars. I'll be doing a review of the army and how I will modify it for future games.