Monday, 11 November 2019

Hobby Update 11/11/19- Dark Angels Primaris Phobos Lieutenant

Today's Hobby Update is the the Primaris Phobos Lieutenant from the Shadowspear boxed set. This Lieutenant has the ability to deep strike into the battle, adding to the mobility of the Primaris army. 


  1. He is a great looking mini, although I didn't buy the Shadowspear Box I see that the Phobos half of Shadowspear will be available as a Get Started: Vanguard Marines boxset for Crimbo, so I will pick him up then. Nice job Mike, you've left off the double Combat Knife scabbard on the right thigh, was that on purpose?

    1. Nope, completely missed the combat knife when building it. I only noticed after I was quite far into painting it.

  2. I love that mini from the Shadowspear box! You did him justice, for sure.