Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Army Showcase- David's Sons of Medusa

This army showcase features David's Sons of Medusa, an Iron Hands successor chapter. David recently played me in a battle report, and has a great themed force that I wanted to show off.

The army features a number of nice conversions, mixing Space Marine and Ad Mech parts to create a lovely themed and unique force. 




  1. Very cool idea. Great conversions. Dhows a string vision!

    1. The conversions really bring the theme together quite nicely.

  2. For whatever reason, I always really associate the Sons of Medusa with early 3rd Ed. Major nostalgia hit here. Great looking force; that green is hard to pull off well, but he's done excellently with it.

  3. Brilliant army, I love SoM and am waiting for the new suppliment to start on my new ones.