Friday 20 October 2017

The State of Things- What's to come on the blog

Hi everyone, today's posting is just a list of random musings on what I am working on at the moment and what will be coming up on the blog in the near future.

First up, this weekend I am planning to make a start on my Codex Astra Militarum review. I purchased this book on the weekend it was released and have been enjoying reading it and seeing what it will bring for my Guard. Not sure if I'll do a fully review of every section of the book, as there are a lot of options available. Each hour I spend writing the review is one less hour for hobby work. However, knowing me, I'll probably do a quick full review anyway. I am also to write up a few more Space Marine reviews for Frontline Gaming this weekend.

After the review is done, I'll be eager to get some games in with my Astra Militarum army. This will need to wait till the new year though. In the move down to Oxford, space was at a premium, so not all my armies made the trip. When I am back in Glasgow for Christmas, I can pick up my Guard army and hopefully get some games in the new year (as well as my Orks!). A while back, I did make the purchase of three Armoured Sentinels from ebay. I will try and get these painted up for my army, as this will allow me to field a brigade Detachment.

On the hobby front, things are continuing with the Genestealer Cults at a good pace. Already, I have two HQ units, a transport vehicle and 5 squads completed. At the moment I am working on magnetising my Goliath Rockgrinder. After that, I will be painting up some more Neophyte Hybrids and some Aberrants.
I am also looking at making some new purchases for the Cult. These will include three Sentinels, a Leman Russ, a second Goliath Truck and some Heavy Weapons teams to use in my army (some Mortars and Missile Launchers).

Things have been a bit slower on the gaming front at the moment. I still have a few battle reports to write up, but haven't actually had a game since I moved from Newcastle. I need to find a few local clubs now that I am settled in to my new place. There are some promising candidates in the area, so I will keep you up to date about that.

On the article front, there should be a lot of content coming up. My Astra Militarum review will probably take a week or two worth of posts. I also have How To articles on how I paint my Acolyte Hybrids, as well as the magnetisation of the Goliath Truck and Rockgrinder. I will also be continuing to post hobby updates as the work on the Genestealer Cults continues.

So, hopefully you have enjoyed this small insight into what am I up to at the moment and where things are standing. 


  1. The new AM codex is excellent, there are so many options now and there are very few weak units. Definitely the best guard codex in a while.

    1. I agree, looking forward to getting some games with them.

  2. Looking forward to reading the review.
    My last game was over a year so relax ;)