Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Caledonian Revolution 2017- Best Army and Armies on Display

There were some great armies present at Caledonian Revolution this year. First up, you can see some of the armies that were nominated for Best Army at the event. 

 The winner of best army was this converted Squats force that was being used as a Space Marine army.

Here are some photos of other armies that were at the event. 

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  1. Some very nice armies there. I like the orange Dark Eldar, too. The squats are awesome conversions but the color scheme is a bit bland imo. Could make them pop more I'm sure. The Iron Hands (?) looks great - I never really get black to look that good. Oh and the bases of that demon (?) army are really really nice, I wonder where they're from? Secret Weapon maybe? Thanks for sharing!