Tuesday 25 April 2017

Second Birthday Giveaway- List of Entrants

As many of you may be aware, I am currently running a giveaway for my second birthday on the blog. You can win a FREE starter Genestealer Cults army (you only need to pay postage). In case you missed it earlier in the week, I will also be giving away two of the old 40k card terrain as well.

The response has been great for the giveaway. Below is a list of current entrants for the competition. If you think you have entered the contest and don't see your name below, please let me know so that I can fix it.

  1. Rob Hill
  2. Simon Campbell
  3. Rory Priest
  4. Greg Hess
  5. Gonewild40k
  6. Tyler M
  7. Tolstedt
  8. Patrick Watza
  9. Joshua Ward
  10. Charles Grady
  11. PraetorDragoon
  12. Rick Rickson
  13. Lonestar777
  14. John Heater
  15. King Raoh
  16. Norman Bajsz
  17. Matt
  18. Jeremy Sweeden
  19. Matthew Mendiola
  20. HellHenni
  21. Macrat
  22. WestRider
  23. Malik Imran
  24. spacefish3
  25. Ginge
  26. aslum
  27. Luke Perrier
  28. Iapedus Maximus
  29. Jordan Breslin
  30. Nick Thrower
  31. Aiden Bakker
  32. Andrew Pelletier
  33. Ryan Stuart Ottenmeier
  34. Michael Pagendarm
  35. Drew Clarke
  36. Thomas Rader
  37. Nathan Levin-Greenhaw
  38. Frothing Muppet
  39. toonboy78
  40. Chris Rhode
  41. Ed O'Malley
  42. Trenton Kapij
  43. Alun Heseltine
  44. Dave Mary
  45. Dave Weston
  46. Jon Barnes
  47. Alex W
  48. Jesse Sinclair
  49. Max Bailey
  50. Jackson Wain
  51. Lewis Neilson
  52. Craig Bobbett
  53. Norman Sanyaproductions
  54. Knight of Infinite Resignation
  55. Masterjarlaxle
  56. GrizzlyTim
  57. Tom Byrne
There is still time to enter if you wish. Follow the link and the instructions there for your chance to win. The competition ends on Sunday 30th April (12.00 GMT). I will be probably be announcing the results on the Tuesday, so stay tuned to find out if you have won!  


  1. Great to see a few of the regulars in there.

  2. There was me with fingers crossed for the Codex ;)

    1. I know! At least you can look at the pretty pictures.