Friday 3 March 2017

Old Stuff Day 2017- Post round up

Yesterday was Old Stuff Day. I posted my own link to some previous articles that I wanted to highlight once more on my blog, but there were several other bloggers who posted as well. As I did last year, I thought I might collect them all for you to go and read them yourself. 

First up, we have the organiser of Old Stuff Day; "Warhammer 39,999". He posted a great compilation post, detailing his links for Old Stuff Day from the past 6 years he has been doing it. I love a good terrain piece, so the highlights on his 40k buildings and his stained glass windows are well worth a look. 

Next up, we have Marc from "Old School Gaming", who delved into his archive to pull up a great short story, some advice for gaming fathers and some old battle reports. Not only that, but Marc decided to go a step further and give an older model some fresh love with a new coat of paint and a fresh conversion. 

Dave over at "Confessions of a 40k addict" posted one of his great older battle reports, as well as a touching tribute to his Dad. Not only that, he managed to dig around other people's blogs and post some of their old content that he still enjoys and that were an inspiration to him (a great idea that I may be stealing!). 

Steve over at "256th Imperial Battle Group" posted a great short story on a Space Marine intervention in a planetary rebellion. 

Nick at the "Burning Eye" decided to update an older article he had written on the skill and technique of dice rolling. Regular readers of my battle reports will know that my dice frequently hate me, so here are some great new ways to roll a 6 for that crucial result. 

Finally, we have Alex at "The Roost of Turkadactyl" who crept in under the wire to showcase some great photos he found of an older miniature when he was cleaning out his camera, as well as posting some great 40k hacks. 

So there we have Old Stuff Day for 2017. I hope you enjoy the various posts and look at blogging past. If you have your own Old Stuff Day post that I missed, please share the link in the comments below. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout. Glad to have been apart of it this year. Its a good opertunity to shed some light on older posts, in my case from when I started and had only a handful of views.