Tuesday 27 December 2016

Hobby Update 27/12/16- Deathwatch Drop Pod and Veteran Kit Bash

This week, I have been working on my Deathwatch Drop Pod and assembling some more Deathwatch Veterans. 

For the Drop Pod, I decided to go for a simple colour scheme, mostly just black and metal like the one pictured in the codex. 
I had a couple of problems with the painting of the drop pod. Firstly, the Thunderhawk Blue I used for the first highlight was a little thick. Watering it down helped a little, but I found it tough to get it to transfer from the brush to the Pod. Secondly, the Abaddon Black I used to touch up any mistakes I made with the highlighting or metal was a slightly different shade to the undercoat that I used on the model. As a result, the black was a bit patchy where I had made mistakes. This was helped a little by giving the model a wash with some Nuln Oil, but you can still see it if you look closely. 

I need to decide whether I want to add some heat weathering to the base of the Drop Pod.

I also decided to add some more Deathwatch Veterans to my force. The Deathwatch kits are a bit limited for poses, so I decided to buy some Tactical Marines and kit bash them to be Deathwatch Veterans. I ordered some Deathwatch backpacks to add to the unit and had plenty of shoulder pads left over from previous kits. 
I assembled three Marines with Deathwatch shotguns, one with an Infernus Heavy Bolter, two with Heavy Flamers and six with Bolters. 

I am currently working on a list for a 1500 pt tournament next year, so have plenty more painting to do to finish off the army. 


  1. Mixing some other kits in definitely helps the variety in a DeathWatch force. I had a set of SternGuard around that I mixed in, but even just Tacs help a lot.

    1. Yeah, the Deathwatch kit has a huge variety of options for arming the unit, but they do get a bit "samey" if you decide to arm a unit with the same option. The other Marine kits add a lot of variety.