Saturday 24 December 2016

Hobby Saturday 24/12/16- Deathwatch Bikers

Hobby Sunday comes a day early this week, as I assume most people will be too busy tomorrow to be reading blog posts!

This week, I have been finishing up the Deathwatch Bikers. For the first time, I painted the Riders and Bikers separately. I figured this would make it easier to get the details painted up individually. This did indeed make things much easier to get painted. 

The edge highlighting was much easier on the bikes with all the straight edges on the model. 

The Bikers were also painted up reasonably quickly. The Bikers carry power weapons. The squad can be armed with a Power weapon for only 5 pts each, which is a real bargain on a model with 2 attacks base. 

Taking my time over painting the Deathwatch army has certainly been a great experience. I feel that it is one of the best armies I have painted up and I am still managing to get them done quite quickly. 

I quite like the larger base that the Bikers now come on. It makes adding the static grass and flock to the base much easier and you can actually see the effect better on the larger base, the previous bases obscuring some of the basing.

Next up for the army, I am working on a Drop Pod for the force. 


  1. Great looking bikes mate, love the bases too. I will stick to the older thinner rounded bases as I've already done lots. I sanded and flocked and did the base first before adding the bikes.

    What happened to the tragic story of five children and it??!

    Have a great Crimbo Corm

    1. Cheers Siph. I also did the bases before adding the Bikes and Bikers, just made things much easier.

      Have a good Christmas too!

  2. I've gradually become a big fan of larger bases for just about everything. Gives so much more room to do cool stuff with them.

    I particularly like the one who's got a Bolter as well as the TL Bolter on his bike. You can never be too prepared! ;)

    1. The Deathwatch are all about redundancy. Maybe I don't always want twin-linked shots!