Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blog wars to do list

I am attending Blog Wars ( for the first time this year. I haven't been to a tournament since a Games Workshop 1500 pts tournament in Edinburgh many, many years ago, so am looking forward to it.
I decided to bring my newest army, the White Scars. Looking at the missions, I don't think my Guard have enough mobility to do well in some of them, especially the maelstrom type mission. I haven't played Orks too much since the new codex came out, I dislike the new mob rule table, I think it is too penalising for not a lot of benefit compared to the old mob rule. Also, my most regular opponent is and Eldar player and most of our games were over by turn 2, it was not a fun game for either of us. I thought about my Dark Angels, but as has been for the last couple of codexes, the Dark Angels match up poorly against the Marine codex.
So White Scars it is. The only problem is that this is a relatively new army (I only started them in February, the reasons why I'll get into in a future post), so I have a lot of work to do to get them up to 1850 pts. Most of the models I want to take are assembled, I just need to get the painting done. Fortunately, last night was quite nice and still light out when I got home, so I was able to get most of the undercoating done. The to do list for paining is as follows:
1. Khan on bike
2. Chapter master on bike (still to be assembled)
3. Unit of 5 scouts
4. Landspeeder Storm
5. Unit of 5 bikers
6. Attack Bike
7. Unit of 10 Sternguard Veterans
I only have about 6 weeks to get them done, so I had better get started!

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