Thursday 20 August 2020

Hobby Update 20/08/20- Primaris Chaplain

 Today's hobby update features a Primaris Chaplain for my Space Marine armies. I purchased this model and got it painted up a couple of weeks ago. Annoyingly, I prefer the new Chaplain in the Indomitus boxed set, so will probably paint that one up too. I can't see me fielding both in a game, but perhaps they will work well with my White Scars combat units. 


  1. he looks really good. i do like the primaris character models

    1. Thanks! I really do like the Primaris range. The larger models are simply easier to paint, and I'm glad they got rid of all the "Marine bling" that plagued older models. I really don't need a dozen purity seals and amulets on my Marines.

  2. I love Chaplains, such an evocative unit choice (and always has been!). I am about to convert one for my 9th Edition Dark Angels; True Scale Interrogator Chaplain if I can manage it. I agree the Indomitus Chaplain looks great, it captures more of the gothic style than this one, but still... he is pretty boss!