Wednesday, 25 March 2020

North East Open 2020- Best Army Nominations

There were a number of fantastic armies that were up for best painted at the North East Open. Here are some photos of the selected armies. 

First up are Will Mott's Chaos Knights. This army featured some beautifully converted Knights to match each of the Chaos powers. 

Next up, we have Tim Whitney's Steel Legion Astra Militarum force. This featured some lovely camo work on the tanks, as well as some great base work on the infantry. 


We now have a great Ork forces, but unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the artist. 

We now have Hannah Haugh's Salamanders force, that really takes the flame nature of the Salamanders into account. 

Andrew Hopper's Aeldari force features a really nice pale colour palette on the vehicles and some amazing free-hand work. 


Here we have Tom Robert's Imperial Knights and Adeptus Mechanicus, who I played against in the final game. 

Another Salamanders army, this time by Kieran. 

Finally, we have Jamie Mac's Grey Knights army. This features a really great paint job and some colourful base decorations that make the models pop. 


  1. Beautiful Armies, thanks for sharing those. Lovely to see so many cool looking forces which are not three colour minimum and just meta chasing. Those are indeed art.

    1. I know, the quality of the armies at these events always amazes me.