Thursday, 30 August 2018

Video Battle Report 2- Orks vs Sisters of Battle/Inquisition

Today, I have my second video battle report. In this game, my Orks take on Angus' Sisters of Battle in a 2000 pts maelstrom of war mission. 

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the last video, I've hopefully incorporated most of the suggestions to try and improve the video. Some of the changes are:
  • Less shakycam!- I got a stand to support the camera, which has hopefully improved the standard of the video. This makes panning the table easier and should help prevent motion sickness from viewing the battle report. 
  • More overview- I've tried to give more of the battlefield a view with wider shots and some panning shots during the game. 
  • Longer maps- I've made the maps last a big longer on the screen to allow you to take in the details. These have also been made full screen to allow more of the details to be picked up. 
  • Background music- I've added some background music throughout the turns to reduce some of the noise interference from moving the camera. Let me know if this is too loud or too quiet. 
  • Army list- I've added a title screen for each army with a list of the units. This allows you to get an overview of the force before it is described for each army. 
  • More tactical overview- The video is a bit longer than the last one. It is still under two hours, I was aiming for closer to an hour to be honest. However, this one features a lot more tactical analysis of the game, rather than just seeing every dice roll. Angus and I discuss any major tactical decisions or choices as they come up to go through our thought processes as the game progresses. We also have a 10 minute wrap up at the end of the game about the choices made during the game and how each side could have been improved. 
As always, I hope you enjoy the report. If you have any more feedback, please don't hesitate to comment below and help me improve as I do more reports.


  1. Looking forward to watching.

  2. Good battle report, Mike! A bit jittery with the camera for me, but I get motion sick playing first person shooters. :) Al-in-all a great addition to your repertoire!