Wednesday 9 May 2018

Hobby Update 09/05/18- Azrael, Grand Master of the Dark Angels

Today's Hobby Update features my completed Azrael, Grand Master of the Dark Angels and leader of my army. 

Despite it's age, I still think this is a great model for the Dark Angels army. He is a bit smaller than a regular Marine now, but his awesome rules more than make up for his short stature. I really enjoyed working on this model, it was a lot of fun to paint. 

With this being my Warlord model, I spent a bit more time on it. In particular, I tried to add a bit more detail to his face. I think this was reasonably successful. I was worried it would look a bit goofy, but I don't think it turned out too bad. 

With my warlord completed, I only have one unit of Scouts left to finish before the tournament in a couple of weeks. This should be pretty easy to do in the remaining time. 


  1. Nice work. Nice to see more new paint on this old scuplt!

  2. Looking good, dude! Most of that model actually still holds up pretty well. You did a nice job with the face, but the sculpt on it is, unfortunately, the main exception there. He looks more like a vampire than a Space Marine.

  3. Great job. I always liked the Watcher in the Dark models, but what the hell are they?