Thursday 25 May 2023

Terrain Showcase- Overgrown city

 Hello there strangers! It's been an absolute age since I last posted, but I have been very busy in that time. My games club, Didcot Wargames Club, has been going strong with lots of regular attendees. I've also been hosting local tournament for the past year. 

As a result of this, I've been needing to make some more boards to accommodate the increased number of players at the events. 

One of my new boards is an overgrown city table. This uses the overgrown city gaming mat from frontline gaming, and the mdf terrain Municipium sector from ttcombat. This set has become the tournament standard in UK events. It's a really nice and functional kit, and allows you lots of options for customisation to match your table, as you will see in previous and upcoming posts. 

I don't really blog that much these days, but thought I would add pics of the terrain for posterity, as they tend to disappear quickly on social media pages. 

Hope you enjoy! 

The buildings were undercoated with a Turner and Gray, Grey primer. I really like this one, as it is cheap and is a darker grey than normal primers, which really adds to the dark look of the mat and buildings. This was then drybrush highlighted with a lighter grey paint. I also added some grime steaks with a brown paint, and some grass staining with a watered-down green paint. 

The grass tufts were made using Woodland Scenics polyfibre, with a couple of colours of coarse scatter glued to it. I also used some scenic leaves on top as well. 

Plastic trees were added to mdf bases that were painted in the same fashion as the buildings for some dense cover. 

I need to make another one of these, as I have started taking on some terrain commissions. People have been seeing my terrain sets on facebook and I've had a few contact me able making them similar sets, which has been great! 

If you have been enjoying the terrain pics, you can get your chance to play on them. I am hosting a two-day Grand Tournament in Oxfordshire later in the year. Oxford Onslaught 2 is the second GT event I will have hosted, and will be my first event with the 10th edition rules coming out soon. Alternatively, I am also taking on terrain commissions to build similar boards.