Thursday 22 September 2022

Terrain Showcase- Industrial Board

Today's hobby showcase features an Industrial board that I made for my local gaming club. This was based on the kill team boxed set with the pipes and ruins. I really liked this set of terrain and wanted to paint it in a yellow scheme, with some rust. 

I made some line of sight blocking ruins, as I wanted more terrain coverage for the table. I used some of the old Necromunda bulkheads and some plasticard to make the ruins. 


  1. Your recent blog post showcasing the industrial board is fascinating, and the attention to detail in your terrain is truly impressive. The way you've brought this wargaming setting to life is inspiring for fellow hobbyists.
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  2. Your industrial terrain showcase is absolutely incredible! I'm always amazed by the level of detail and creativity that goes into crafting these gaming boards. It adds a whole new dimension to the gaming experience.
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