Thursday 9 December 2021

Hobby Update 09.12.21- Desert Trees

Hi strangers! It's been a long time since I posted, but I have been very busy with real life in recent months. I moved house and started my own gaming club. This extra hobby time has eaten into my blogging, but I thought I would share some hobby updates. 

I've been building terrain for my gaming club, as well as preparing for the first tournament I will be running. I decided to make some dense cover for my desert boards. These were really simple to put together. 

I purchased some MDF (6 mm) and cut them into appropriate shapes. I then sanded down the edges and glued on some sand. I painted them in suitable desert colour, then drilled the holes to glue in the trees. I then added some static grass for details. I got all these bases done within a couple of days. Some nice easy terrain, for low cost. 

I found the plastic trees on ebay. They are pretty cheap for a couple of sets to make my tree bases. 

And here are the trees being used in some games at the club. 

As I said, I am currently working on a bunch more terrain in preparation for running a tournament next year. More pics to follow! 


  1. Ah yeah, they look great mate and thanks for link, I’m pondering on something similar as I have same mat and terrain.

    1. They are very cheap to get a lot of coverage on the board. Planning to do a bunch of jungle terrain as well for another board.