Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hobby Update 04/07/18- Deathwatch Intercessors

It's been a bit quiet on the blog recently, but I have not been slacking off, I've been busy getting my Deathwatch painted up for the upcoming Warhammer World tournament this weekend. 

Today's hobby update features my Deathwatch Intercessor unit. The Primaris Marines now get access to special issue ammunition, giving them a big boost to their firepower the the already potent Bolt Rifles. I've added an auxiliary grenade launcher to the squad. For only 1 pt, they are a bargain to allow me to fire a long range grenade at the enemy army. 

Here is the completed 10-man squad. 

I used transfers for the right shoulder pad on the Primaris Marines. I was planning on using the Deathwatch moulded Chapter pads, but they were a bit small on the Intercessors. The left-hand "Deathwatch" shoulder pads were the right size to fit on the Primaris Marines. 


  1. Sweet addition, the only criticism would be to drill the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher barrel to reflect the calibre of the grenades on the sling?

  2. Looking good! I borrowed some Intercessors from my Theta Chapter project when I gave my DeathWatch a go, and was really impressed by how they perform with the Special Issue Ammo.

    1. Yeah, the extra range on the Bolt Rifle is very useful. Allows you to still rapid fire the vengeance bolts at AP-3, great for taking on a whole host of enemy units!

  3. Great work! I absolutely love Deathwatch, in all its flavours.