Wednesday 28 September 2016

40k Humour- Spoof Codex Reviews

I have recently been writing a number of articles for Frontline Gaming (check out the articles tab above for links to the various posts). 

I wanted to highlight one series of articles that I have been working on, the Army Review series. These articles are a spoof on some fictitious codices that exist in the 40k universe, taking a tongue in cheek look at popular army builds and some of the trends in the game. 

The first article looked at Codex: Grav. The newest race to 40k has grown in power significantly since they were introduced in 6th edition. 

The next examined Codex: Deathstar. Who doesn't love a good Deathstar? This article looks at the Deathstar army and some of the common misconceptions that players have for this most maligned army. 

The latest article is the ever popular Codex; Scatbike. Everyone is aware of how bad the Eldar are in the current game. Finally, the Eldar get a new supplement to make them slightly more competitive on the table, but no so overpowered as to dominate the game. 

I hope you enjoy the articles. Are there any other army builds that deserve some ridicule? Comment below and let me know what you would like to see. 


  1. I'd seen the Codex: Scatbikes article, but didn't realise you had done others, so I got to read the other ones today. All 3 are great articles, with many lol moments, I loved the line in the Deathstar's article "Once the Observer understands his part in the performance, it leads to a far more enjoyable gaming experience for both sides".

    Thanks, looking forward to more articles.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I am working on a few more at the moment.

  2. I wonder who those were subtle digs at???

  3. Not really the same thing but mine would be codex: lava bases. Seriously, cool here and there, but it now seems like half the worlds in the known galaxy are seething masses of moving tectonic plates. I want to do a small force (perhaps orks) on lava bases, where the figures are stood on sofas and coffee tables, as lava seems to be so widespread at the moment...

  4. Ha ha, had seen your Deathstar article but not the Scatbikes... Yep, spot on Corrm. Great tongue in cheek humour

  5. I've been following these over on Frontline Gaming and loving them, keep 'em coming! Maybe next should be Codex: Fluffy Bunnies as a bit of a counter point?