Tournament Battle Reports

Collected here are the various battle reports and pictures from tournaments that I have attended.
May 2015- HAVOC
June 2015- Blog Wars 9
September 2015- Clan Clash Doubles Tournament

January 2016- 6s2Hit Doubles Tournament
Game 1- White Scars/Mechanicus vs Tau/Dark Eldar
Game 2- White Scars/Mechanicus vs Space Marines/Mechanicus
Game 3- White Scars/Mechanicus vs Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines
White Scars tournament army review

April 2016- Stronghold V
Army List and Thoughts
Game 1- White Scars vs White Scars/Mechanicus
Game 2- White Scars vs Eldar
Game 3- White Scars vs Daemons
Game 4- White Scars vs Eldar
Army Review
Armies on Display

June 2016- Double Trouble
Army List and Thoughts
Game 1- Orks/Eldar vs Daemons/Raven Guard
Game 2- Orks/Dark Angels vs Howling Griffons/Raven Guard
Game 3- Orks/Daemons vs Iron Hands/Dark Eldar
Tournament Army Review

July 2016- Caledonian Revolution
Initial army list and thoughts
Final army list
Game 1- White Scars vs Tau/Grey Knights
Game 2- White Scars vs Necrons
Game 3- White Scars vs Dark Angels
Game 4- White Scars vs Imperial Knights/Space Marines
Game 5- White Scars vs Tyranids
Army Review
Armies on Display
Best Army Nominees photos

November 2016- Fluffageddon
Tournament List and Army Thoughts
Game 1- Ravenwing vs Blood Angels
Game 2- Ravenwing vs Astra Militarum
Game 3- Ravenwing vs Eldar
Armies on Display
Army Review

February 2017- Birthday Bash 2.0
Initial List Thoughts
Playtesting List Revisions
Game 1- Deathwatch vs Necrons
Game 2- Deathwatch vs White Scars
Game 3- Deathwatch vs Khorne Daemonkin
Armies on Display
Army Review
Tournament Review

July 2017- Caledonian Revolution 2017
Game 1- Deathwatch vs Space Wolves
Game 2- Deathwatch vs Astra Militarum
Game 3- Deathwatch vs Ynnari
Game 4- Deathwatch vs Eldar
Game 5- Deathwatch vs Tyranids
Tournament Army Review
Best Painted Army Nomination
Best Army and Armies on Display

July 2017- Bunker War 3
Game 1- Deathwatch vs Aeldari
Game 2- Deathwatch vs Ultramarines
Game 3- Deathwatch vs Tyranids
Armies on Display

August 2017- North West Open
Game 1- Deathwatch vs Tyranids
Game 2- Deathwatch vs Harlequins
Game 3- Deathwatch vs Imperial Knights
Game 4- Deathwatch vs Grey Knights
Game 5- Deathwatch vs Astra Militarum
Deathwatch Army and Tournament Report
Armies on Display

February 2018- Greeting From the Warp
Game 1- White Scars vs Chaos Space Marines/Chaos Daemons
Game 2- White Scars vs Grey Knights
Game 3- White Scars vs Orks
Armies on Display
White Scars Tournament Army Review

April 2018- Uxbridge Tournament
Game 1- White Scars vs Tyranids
Game 2- White Scars vs Alpha Legion
Game 3- White Scars vs Ultramarines
Game 4- White Scars vs Dark Eldar
Best Army Nomination photos

May 2018- London GT
Game 1- Dark Angels vs Imperial Knights
Game 2- Dark Angels vs Imperial Soup
Game 3- Dark Angels vs Astra Militarum
Game 4- Dark Angels vs Aeldari
Tournament Review- Worst Tournament I've Ever Attended
London 40k GT Shaming Player- Disgraceful
Best Army Nomination Photos

July 2018- Warhammer World GT Heat 1
Warhammer World GT: Game 1- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Astra Militarum/Adeptus Mechanicus/Imperial Knights
Warhammer World GT: Game 2- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Imperial Knights
Warhammer World GT: Game 3- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Deathwatch
Warhammer World GT: Game 4- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Necrons
Warhammer World GT: Game 5- Deathwatch/Astra Militarum vs Astra Militarum
Tournament Army Review
Armies on Display photos
Warhammer World Exhibition Photos 

November 2019- Element Games Grand Slam
Grand Slam Tournament Game 4: Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Aeldari/Drukhari
Grand Slam Tournament Game 3: Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Imperial Knights/Astra Militarum
Grand Slam Tournament Game 2: Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Ynnari
Grand Slam Tournament Game 1: Dark Angels/Deathwatch vs Adeptus Mechanicus/Blood Angels/Astra Militarum

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