Sunday, 10 April 2016

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 5, Battle Phase 2 results

The results for battle phase 2 of turn 5 are now in. The map now looks like this:

The north-western section of the map was a hive of activity as the forces moved to occupy the territory vacated by the Tau. The Mechanicus occupied the newly abandoned Spaceport, the White Scars staked a claim on the Manufactorum, while the Chaos forces took control of another Manufactorum to the South. (Raymond, Allan and Iain won their games to claim their tiles and the buildings occupying them).

The Orks temporarily stalled in their advances South, decided to attack the northern territories, claiming more territory for their Waaagh! (Seb won his game and took a tile to the North of the woods).

The Eldar and forces of Chaos to the East clashed along their border territories once again. The battle was fierce, but in the end the Eldar were driven back and the Chaos hordes continued their advance. (Armel and Thomas clashed once more, with Thomas emerging victorious to claim his tile).

The Dark Eldar easily defeated another local township, increasing their dominion over the Southlands. (James won his game to expand the ever-growing Dark Eldar base).

To the East, the Tau attacked a Guard outpost, hoping to subdue the populace with ease. They were surprised when they found the settlement occupied by a host of White Scar warriors. The trap had been sprung and the Tau were annihilated as they entered the city. (Yans and I fought our campaign game, my White Scars vs his Tau. The Tau were defeated and the Imperial territory was maintained).

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