Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Medusa IV Campaign- Turn 1, Battle Phase 1 results and Battle Phase 2 Moves

The first battle phase of the campaign has come to an end. The players got their first games played and the results are in. The map now looks like this after the first battle phase:

The White Scars led their battle company against the black riders of the Ravenwing, who were on the planet for their own unknown purposes. The White Scars, however, showed the elite Dark Angels why they were feared throughout the galaxy and defeated them in a landslide victory (Allan beat me in our game to capture his tile)

The Sons of Horus clashed with Eldar from the Saim Hann craftworld in the ruins of one of Medusa IV's once mighty cities, what each faction searched for was anyone's bet. The two armies clashed but fought one another to a stalemate, neither side able to seize the territory they required (Josh's Sons of Horus and Armel's Eldar clashed, but the game was a draw).

The Tau present on the planet swept aside their marine opponents, eager to bring the joy of the Greater Good to the planet's populous (Shaun's Tau won their game and captured the tile).

The Mechanium attempted to establish a command post near their landing sight as their scouts searched for the treasure they sought, but they were set upon by a daemonic horde who succeeded in driving them back and capturing the territory they hoped to claim (Steve and Thomas fought over the command bastion, with Thomas' daemons emerging victorious).

An armoured legion of Imperial Guard mustered to search the nearby area when they were ambushed by a Ravenwing force. The company stood little chance against the onslaught of the bikers and they were forced to retreat (My Ravenwing army beat Andrew's armoured company).

The Blood Angels clashed with the Chosen of Khorne, the fury of the Angels unmatched by the devotees of Chaos and the unruly tides were pushed back as the Sons of Sanguinius seized more ground (Lee's Blood Angels were victorious in grabbing their tile).

The Orks poured like a stream of smoking lava down from the north. Despite the sheer size of the mob it still seemed its movement was guided by a deeper purpose. The Orks, lead by warlord Loggorok "da Bombrida", were looking for something special and their raiding parties were leading the way. Ambushed by the Dark Eldar they were caught off guard but this never was an issue for Orks. There is no defence, only attack. Never have they encountered the sneaky tactics of the Dark Eldar. Although, many elves were slain the Orks couldn't withstand the onslaught of poisened projectiles and were shredded and wiped off the ground only leaving behind a smear of blood and bones. And the killer Elves? They have vanished into the mist before the last Ork fell dead into the dust, taking with them the relic (Thanks to Seb for the awesome description of his turn and for giving me the idea to forge the narrative. Seb's Ork horde were narrowly beaten by James' Dark Eldar).

Unfortunately, Josh and Zander had to drop out of the campaign this turn, but the rest of the players soldiered on to seize more ground and to victory.

With the battle phase 1 results in, it was time for the battle phase 2 moves to be made. The players got back to me with their moves and the map now looks like this:
Turn 1, Battle Phase 2 moves

The players will have two weeks to complete their games, I hope to bring you more photos and details of their progress as the campaign continues. 

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