Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hobby Costs- August 2015

Hi everyone, as part of my ongoing look at my hobby costs for the year, here are August's totals:
  • £43.00 (AM) Wyvern and Punisher tanks (ebay)
  • £33.30 (DA) Dark Talon (ebay)
  • £40.80 (H) GW Clippers and Paints
  • £22.30 (H) Hobbycraft supplies (flock and plastic sheet)
  • £61.77 (H) Dremel hobby tool and accessories
  • £2.19 (H) Magnets
  • £22.24 (OT) Ebay postage costs and charges
  • -£5.30 Sold Landspeeder parts
  • -£17.80 Sold Kroot Shaper
  • -£7.00 Sold Techmarine parts
  • -£21.00 Sold Battlescape terrain
  • -£28.70 Sold Ork Trukks
Total for August = £145.80

Lots of purchases this week. I picked up a couple of tanks for my Astra Militarum army, but the biggest purchases for this month were for the Ravenwing. I wanted to pick up a Dark Talon with the aim of building it for my Blog Wars X army. I decided to finally have a go at magnetising something and thought I would start with the Dark Talon. I purchased a hobby tool for drilling the holes and some magnets to give it a go. I will be detailing my progress as I go along.
I also managed to sell a few more spare bits on ebay this month which helped reduce costs a little.

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