Sunday 13 September 2015

Hobby Sunday 13/09/15- Ravenwing, Refinery and Trees

For this week's hobby time, I have been working on some terrain and my Ravenwing.
I finally decided to fix Sammael's sword arm this week. The Finecast sword kept snapping off and I couldn't affix it properly to the hilt. In order to sort this, I cut off the current arm at the wrist and pinned a new plastic one in to place for a more secure hold. I then painted the new one as shown below and highlighted to match the rest of the model.

I also managed to get my Interrogator-Chaplain painted. I am planning to try him out in place of my Librarian in my proposed Blog Wars army.

I also continued my work on the promethium refinery I am building. I used some plastic sheet I had purchased and glued it to an MDF base that I cut to size (12" x 20"). I thought this would give the base a nice industrial look. I then glued the stairs to the base.

Finally, I did some work that I have been planning for a while on battlefield maintenance. I glued some flock to the citadel woods I had previously painted to replace the plastic leaves they used to have. I gave the flock a coating with hairspray. I had read online that this would help protect them and make them more durable (time will tell if this will work).

That was my hobby work this week. Next week on the blog I will be reporting on a doubles tournament that I recently attended at Games Workshop Aberdeen. 


  1. I got my Sammael second-hand, and he was missing the sword, so I had to make a similar fix. I used one of the DA-specific swords, tho, I think off the Company Veterans sprue.

    1. I was looking to do that, but I sold off a bunch of them on ebay a while back without thinking. I had one left, but it was for the wrong hand, so no use there!