Sunday 27 September 2015

Hobby Sunday 27/09/15- Drop pod, terrain and objective markers

This week I have been doing some work on my White Scars, terrain and some objective markers.
I signed up to attend Rapid Fire 2015, a tournament held by Striling Wargamers club. I have decided to take my White Scars to the event and have been toying around with an army list for it. In order to use this list I need to get my second drop pod completed, as well as a librarian.
I had already started on the drop pod previously and it only took me an evening to get it the painting finished off. This consisted of giving it a drybrush with Leadbelcher and then painting on the red markings on the doors of the pod. I only have to apply the transfers and it will be complete.

I also assembled some new objective markers and managed to get a start on the painting. These were made from spare parts I had lying around in my bits box, which were then glued onto bases to form the markers. I made twelve of these, enough for two sets of six.
I managed to get started on the painting, undercoating them at the weekend when the weather was nice and giving the metal areas a drybrush. I plan to number them up for use in maelstrom missions. Once I have finished with these, I will hand them in to the local gaming club for people to use when they need objective counters.

I also finally managed to make a start on the church building I made a while back. I undercoated the structure (inside and out) and gave it a drybrush with grey. I will give the building another coat of grey and then a highlight with white to match my other buildings that I have. I plan to pick out the doors and side panels in gold to make the building stand out.

That's all for this week. The plastic tweezers that I ordered weeks ago have finally arrived, so I plan to make a start on magnetising my Dark Talon in the following weeks as I need to get it built and painted before the start of November (for Blog Wars X).


  1. The drop pod is looking really good Corrm, I hated painting my first one but they are very cool imposing models on the tabletop. Whats the switch up in your tactics that necessitates the drop pod and librarian? Is that for dirty drop pod centurions shenanigans?

    Also very cool objective markers, you seem very involved and benevolent in your local wargaming scene.

    I can't advocate plastic tweezers enough. Magnetised models are great, magnetising them is the devils work.

    1. Yes Rob, I plan to carry out some filthy drop pod centurion mischief in the army. I took the grav centurions to the last blog wars and they struggled to achieve much. They tended to be taken out pretty early by my opponents, so I though this would give them the ability to strike without being wiped out and to get them in range of their short-ish guns. I haven't finalised the army yet as I am still working through my options. I have heard that Rapid Fire has some pretty tough lists, so want to bring my A-game to it.

      I love making and painting terrain and the club gives me somewhere to store and play with it. All the guys there are nice enough to led me take photos and notes during the games and even contribute to the battle reports a lot of the times, so it's nice to give something back. I find that a good club can really help drive your enthusiasm for the game and the Dundee Wargames club certainly fits that bill.

      I had a go at doing the magnetising without the tweezers and it was a nightmare. The only problem is that I have been waiting weeks for them to arrive (should have checked where they were shipping from!). I tried all the hobby and hardware stores nearby, but nobody stocked any plastic tweezers. Just as well I decided to magnetise the flyer as I am considering taking the Nephillim over the Dark Talon as my Ravenwing have a serious lack of anti-air firepower at the moment.

  2. Terrain looks awesome. Pod is looking great as well.

    Big note on the drop cents. They need gate. I faced a double cent, tigirus/libarian list at the Nova GT BBQ, They only got to shoot once (he didn't get gate). Though you do have hit and run with the white scars right? Oooooooh sneaky!

    1. Cheers Greg, glad you like it.

      I faced off against drop pod Centurions with a librarian at a recent doubles tournament and they made a mess of my army in two games. They were buffed by some tournament specific special rules, but they were still pretty hard to put down. I'll give them a go and see what happens.

      Yeah, us Scars now get Hit and Run on pretty much everything. Should make centurions a bit more durable.

    2. Ya if you have hit and run on them, you should be ok. Guy I was facing was playing ultra's for the rerolls to hit on them...but he couldn't get out of combat, so I wiped them after they shot the crap outta me.

    3. You must hate Grav with all you lovely walkers running around. Once they get immobilised, do they just cheer on the rest of your army?